Small Business Bernie


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMDuring Thursday night’s free-for-all, better known as a Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders once again reiterated his abject contempt for capitalism, our monetary system, business owners, cops, Southerners, and anything else that is remotely related to our way of life – economic freedom.  He harps on and on about a ‘living minimum wage’, without grasping what is involved in creating a job, meeting a payroll, building a business, and dealing with minimum wage employees.

There are currently about 4 million people in the US who make minimum wage.  The vast majority are young people with first time jobs.  Raise the minimum wage, and they lose those jobs.  There are others on minimum wage. The dirty little secret is not only are these individuals unskilled, but almost unemployable.  Let’s be honest.  The average minimum wage worker who is over 25 will have a difficult time passing a pee test.   Yes, it is an ugly thing to say, but anyone who is capable of doing a viable day’s work is almost always making more than minimum wage.

What Bernie doesn’t quite comprehend is that minimum wage is NOT minimum wage.  The average person who is making minimum wage doesn’t quite comprehend that several dollars of that is being withheld for social security, medicare, and taxes.  Rule of thumb is to estimate that an employer is also shelling out about 10% for their ‘contribution’ to their employee’s social security and medicare.  When minimum wages go up, what an employer pays in taxes goes up. No, it doesn’t look like much, but when  you have a small business, and difficulty paying bills, something must give.

Bernie doesn’t quite comprehend is that ‘something’ is going to be the hours a person works.  The minimum wage goes up, many businesses, especially the Walmart type, will just cut a person’s hours to compensate.  The small business owner who is struggling may end up cutting everyone’s hours, or putting someone part time, or letting someone go.  If a person is fired, then the employer pays for that honor, also, even when the person should be under the jail for something they’ve done.  As the ACA encroaches, business owners must do without employees in order to survive.

That’s my big complaint with Democrats, especially people like Bernie Sanders, who have sucked on the public tit their entire adult life. They don’t grasp what is required to keep the economy being an economy.  All they can do is damn the business owner.

As for raising wages for burger flippers, when long-term employees are making the same, it is horribly unfair.  But, that’s what Marxists are all about  – fairness.  What isn’t fair is destroying what a person has put their heart and soul into building in order for an incompetent politician to get elected.  This is what he’s doing.   The business climate in this country is bad enough, as it is.

Maybe the little snowflakes who want a higher minimum wage should be allowed to deal with their own taxes.  Instead of having their employer deduct and do all the paperwork, let them do it.  They will realize they are making several dollars more an hour than they do, already.  Most of them will also end up in deep you-know-what over taxes.

It might be interesting.