God, the Pope & Bernie Sanders


Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 7.58.37 AMThe Pope is a better person than I am.  It is obviously the reason he is Pope and the rest of us are chopped liver.  I would not have been nice or gracious to Bernie Sanders, who managed to worm his way into that conference at the Vatican, then misrepresent it.  Pope Francis graciously met with him for five minutes. He then went on to say that anyone who read anything else into the meeting needed a psychiatrist.

It pissed me off for a little while.  Then I started thinking about the story of Zacchaeus.  I realized there was a reason Pope Francis met with Bernie Sanders, who basically believes absolutely nothing, even if he is nominally Jewish.  Yep, it’s a Christian thing, winning souls for Christ.

That’s why the Pope is the Pope, doing what he’s paid the big bucks for, showing Christ’s love.  He totally shamed me.  I don’t mind admitting I’ve not given a rip about Bernie Sander’s eternal soul.  The Pope does.

Sure puts me to shame.  So now darn it, I must pray for Bernie Sanders and his wife, Jane.

Dang blast!

It’s a Christ thing.