Bernie’s Nasty Bots


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMThere is a false narrative in this election cycle.  It is all about Bernie Sanders and his very nasty supporters.  Contrary to what is reported in the media, Bernie Bots are the ones causing the problems at Trump rallies.  They are lying about it.  They are being paid to disrupt and cause small riots.  There are those who are recruited because they know how to fight and pull punches.

Fortunately, now they are attacking Hillary Clinton’s supporters, doing the same things to them that they have been doing to Trump supporters.  He will not tell his thugs to stop what they are doing.  He will not tell them to stop harassing and threatening Clinton’s super delegates.

They hypocrisy is disgusting and repulsive.  Sanders’ supporters are notorious for harassing people on Twitter.  At Trump rallies, they spit on people.  They spew obscenities in front of children.  They harass women.  They will do anything to incite violence, then blame it all on Trump.  Sanders refuses to castigate them, instead, saying they have a First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Yes, they do have that right.  But, people also have a First Amendment right to attend a political rally and not be subjected to intimidation.  People have a right to protect their children.  It speaks volumes about Sanders, and his complete lack of ethics when it comes to protecting the innocence of children.  It also says something about the people who back him.  When a politician has no problem with his supporters teetering on the brink of violence, and that politician is preaching Marxism and social change, they are to be feared.