A Child in Trouble?


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 1.20.37 PMSomething weird happened about a year ago.  I know, I’m slow to react, but there are times when you need to think about things.  As a Christian, I am convinced the Lord will put things in your mind, so that you can pray.  That’s what I’m doing.

About a week before Mother’s Day in 2015, a kid came around the condo asking to walk the dogs to raise money for a gift for his mother.  I don’t let anyone I don’t know walk Rums or Sadie.  Anyone who knows anything about small toy poodles, male, knows they will make a kamikaze attack on a pit bull and die trying.  Rums is worse than usual about that sort of thing, so I keep him, literally, on a very short leash.

A few days later, I started working on a garage sale.  The kid would come by and visit.  I have had this strange ability to collect 12-year-old boys since the 1970s when I tutored boys that age who were hyper and had learning disorders.  I could get results others could not, taking kids who refused to read, and within six weeks would have them reading above grade level.  FYI:  The secret was in science fiction and horror.  I continued working with kids.  When I was a lobbyist and managed one of the larger non-profit space-based organizations I specialized in education, going into schools, and conducting seminars on space and science.  One of my favorite stops was working with kids in Greenville, SC, who were assigned to the behavioral unit of a hospital.  When I opened my gallery and gift shop, once again I had my ‘fans’.  Boys that age would use that for their reward, coming to shop, and look at my space art.

I would visit with this specific kid, who was hyper.  He was also terribly lonely. During the garage sale, he hung around Josie and I that last day to the point where Josie finally put him to work.  I gave him a bunch of junk guys his age like, for helping me.  I learned the following about him:

  • He was an only child.
  • He was from Illinois.
  • He was living with his mother and stepfather.
  • He had no contact with his father.
  • He was incredibly lonely.
  • He had no contact with children – period.
  • He was being home schooled.
  • His family was not religious.
  • The family was on the lower end of the income scale.
  • He did not have access to a computer that worked well enough for him to go online.
  • He was not registered as a home schooler.
  • He had limited access to educational materials, none of them updated.
  • His lack of access to educational materials was not religious.
  • He did not go to church.
  • His family had little contact with anyone.
  • The family was apparently dysfunctional.
  • I don’t know if he was abused.

When his parents drove by my condo, to collect him, his mother’s attitude was nasty.  Her language toward him was hostile and contained words I wouldn’t allow to be used around a child.  Having worked with children enough, and having, at one time, about 30 certified hours dealing with child abuse (I let my certification expire ages ago) I did not like what I saw.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could do.  When I saw him again, a few weeks later, I told him that there was a program where he could be registered with the school district.  They would provide a laptop, books, materials, WiFi allowance, and an online teaching supervisor.

I never saw him again.

By July the family had moved.

I kept looking for him.  Never saw him again.  The more I think about things, the more I am positive he was a child who was in dangerous circumstance.  I tried asking about him, but no one knew anything.  I didn’t even have enough to go to the local cops.

I’m now trying to find a database I can search, putting in his current age, race, gender, and possible place of birth.  There’s nothing out there – so far, for me to search.   These people were living under the radar.  If it were about drugs, they would have him in school, as a front.  Neither parent was illegal. It was obvious they were trying to keep him away from people.

I know…