Conservative Christians Should Be Treated Like Nazis?


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMThe left has a little bias problem. We’re all biased. We’re all bigoted about things, and deep down inside, we are all racist about certain things. That is normal. Evidently the left thinks that there needs to be some sort of brainwashing purge to exorcise these basic human traits, and then we will all be happy-clappy little snowflakes hiding from reality. Frankly, I want to know what people think and believe. But, because certain ideologies are now even worse than being a pedophile, people hide their true selves. If a person wants to be a racist, let them. If they are anti-LGBT, that’s their problem. We need to know these things.

By castigating, and destroying them for politically incorrect and ‘hateful’ views, they goo deep into themselves hiding what they are. The problem is that is perfectly acceptable for those on the left to have certain hatreds and biased views. They think anyone who is against abortion is, like I said, worse than a pedophile. If you don’t like what is going on in certain communities, you are a bigot, yet their determination to pander to every little group is, in itself, bigotry. Now, they are trying to imply that being a conservative Christian is somehow evil. Granted, it can be evil, but so can their liberal values. I don’t like bigotry. I don’t like racism.

I have no problem with bias because those of us who are intellectually honest admit that we have bias within us. It is in overcoming our personal bigotries, hatreds, racism, and bias, that we triumph. I have a heck of a lot more respect for the person who says they are a white supremacist and, against all odds, evolves a devoted friendship with someone of the very race they claim to hate. There is hope for that person. You can rise above your hatreds, and become a better person. But, when you cultivate innate bigotries, by not being biased, you are harming yourself and everyone around you.

Case in point are liberals who pander to the ultra conservative movement within the Muslim faith.  They are enabling the very same mind-set, they castigate in Christians.  By ignoring moderate and liberal Muslims, and enabling elements of the society which are extremely anti-women, they are hurting 90% of Muslim women, including someone I love like a sister.  She and her daughters would never be caught dead in a hijab, let alone a burka.  They’re Americans.  They’re liberal Muslim women who have the same rights we Christian women have – to lead worship, and be treated as equals.  But, because liberals are so busy pandering to the very elements which create hate, they are doing tremendous damage to the very movement which will, in time,

Harvard Law Professor Says Treat Conservative Christians Like Nazis

It turns out the paranoid are not as paranoid as they may appear to be.  Frankly, I don’t know what good it will do launching an inquiry into FB’s bias, but if it causes FB any discomfort, I’m all for it.


Can we be honest?  I don’t like ultra conservative Christians.  I don’t like them because I don’t like what they are doing to my faith.  I don’t approve of the heresy, and don’t like their nastiness.  They make us all look bad.  But, I also don’t like the fact that the Left seems to think there is something evil about them because a red-neck woman in Kentucky, a corrupt political hack, refused to issue marriage license for anyone who was LGBT.  She did not deserve to go to jail.  The end does not justify the means here.  But – she was a Christian, so she deserved to be destroyed.

It becomes a matter of intellectually dishonesty.  Recently Hillary Clinton was on a podium featuring Sandra Bland’s mother.  Her death, we are told was due to racism.  No, her death was due to the fact that her wealthy, real estate pimping mother didn’t give a damn about her.  She was cutting herself.  She was seriously depressed.  She had experienced numerous run-ins with the law, due to traffic violations after losing a baby. Instead of getting help for the young woman, they chose to turn her into a false model of fake racial bias.  And so – she died.

I am sick and tired of the fake, sanctimonious, pseudo-intellectual pandering to every little interest group.  That is  the basic difference between the right and the left.  I’ve been saying, for over a year, that the current racial tensions in this country have been  made far worse because the Democrats were on the verge of losing yet another voting block.  They don’t look at individuals, they look at blocks of voters.  Republicans don’t look at blocks of voters, they look at individuals.  In this racially charged climate, created to help Democrats win votes, the very act of not pandering to a certain demographic group is now seen as racist.