Hillary’s Game Changer


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMHillary Clinton is vulnerable on the economy.  Contrary to popular opinion, the economy in this country is on the brink of another recession.  Contrary to popular opinion, there has only been an Obama ‘recovery’ in the market and for people who manage hedge funds like Hillary’s son-in-law, who screwed is investors out of a billion bucks, and walked away with the commissions.  That alone is a game-changer.  My father’s broker mishandled close to a half million dollars and walked away with the commissions, leaving my parents in a dire financial situation which has not improved, thanks to the Obama ‘recovery’.

Now, though, in order to counter an economy going south, fast, Hillary has said she is putting Bill in charge of our economic recovery.  Okay, forget me even supporting the woman enough to say she should get the nomination because of gender.  Bill Clinton is a total and complete game-changer for me, not that I was planning to vote for her.

I’m sorry, but do we really need another Clinton Administration, complete with FBI investigations, girlfriends, kick-backs and innuendo?  I guess I’m disappointed in her.  I thought Hillary Clinton was tough enough to stand on her own and not drag Bill into the picture.  My bad?

Evidently, what we’re looking at is another term for Bill Clinton.

Lord Help Us All!

Everyone on the left talks a big game about how evil and corrupt the GOP is, but if you look at logically, the Democrats are the ones who are constantly running from the law.

Here we go again.  Of course we are dealing with an entire generation of voters who have no idea how crooked these people are.  They’ll soon learn.