Unreasonable Political Expectations


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMEvidently, there is something quite nasty and bigoted about Donald Trump when he refers to a model as looking like a cheap, third rate hooker.  I have a tendency to refer to most models as looking like whores, sluts, and skanks.  My father referred to them as cheap whores.  I know very few people who don’t refer to them in some derogatory fashion.  Is it biased?  Of course it is biased.  Then again, I’ve only known, first hand, about one supermodel. When my sister and I lived in Atlanta, this person’s father had the apartment below us.  He worshiped the ground his daughter walked on, with her photos everywhere.  When he suddenly died, she was too busy on a photo shoot in Europe to even attend his funeral.  She had the condo manager, who was a friend, clean out his apartment and sell everything, then send her the money. Oh, she’s still a C-List ‘celeb’.  She is also a total and complete skank.

Chelsea Clinton’s husband managed a hedge fund.  He lost something like a billion bucks, of other people’s money.  He kept his commissions, and they lost. Having been through something similiar with my parents, that single fact has caused me to completely turn against the Clintons.

Yet – Donald Trump is evil for referring to a model who probably did look like a cheap whore.

Life’s funny that way.  Bernie Sanders can apparently get away with just about anything.  He’s starting to look and sound like that Marxist we’ve been saying he is.  The media isn’t even bothering to look into the allegations of financial malfeasance when it comes to his wife.

Then, there is the violence. Anyone who has been following the story, from the point of view of either the Clintons or Trump knows that Bernie Sanders supporters are the ones who are causing all the problems.  But, don’t expect the media to mention that, either.

It doesn’t matter of Ed Randell, the former Governor of Pennsylvania says that ugly women vote for Hillary.