Ode to the Transgender Restroom


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.10.04 PMI have no problems with a transgender restroom.  I thought men who identified as women always used a women’s restroom.  They were doing so in Atlanta in the late 1970s.  I remember shopping in Rich’s at Lenox Square with my mother and grandmother.  One of the employees in cosmetics (?) was transgender.  This person was always dressed – perfectly.  We ended up in the same restroom one day.  I made the comment to him that he was beautiful and so well dressed and groomed it put me to shame.

As usual, my grandmother started asking questions.  When she was a little kid in Louisville, KY, her parents lived next door to a man who was a banker – by day.  By night he was a drag queen.  They were very good friends.  When he would come in from work, and doing his make-up, getting ready for his date, my grandmother and her sisters would go visit with him.  After World War I, her father was the chief of construction when they were adding to the naval base in Charleston.  Nana was born in 1904.  I would assume she was about 12 or so at the time.  The man would then dress in drag and go next door to have dinner with my great-grandparents.  Of course Nana had to tell the entire story.

I knew someone who was a total and complete butch lesbian to the point where she was a bouncer at biker bars.  From one of her brawl tales, I do know that the big-time bitch lesbians (we’re talking the kind of tough women who would terrify violent bikers) were using women’s restrooms.  From this person’s stories, no one in their right mind would want to be caught anywhere near them when they were drunk.  Let’s put it this way – this bunch was from eastern New Mexico and West Texas.  They were terribly well armed.  Drunks and guns just don’t mix.

A young men who is identifying as a woman is not safe in a man’s restroom.  I think, perhaps, the father figures of girls who would be of the same age is far more concerned than their daughters would be.  If I were a parent and I had a son or daughter who identified as the other gender, I would do everything possible to help them. I think I would also encourage them to use a women’s restroom rather than one for me.  This is due more to my absolute contempt for the average male mind than anything else.  They would not be safe in a men’s room.

Frankly, I have no earthly idea why a woman who is transgender, identifying as male would even want to use a men’s room.  Once again, my comment is due to my total contempt for the average male.  This said, I don’t want the average male in my restroom.  No, it is not due to gender bias but the fact that the average male is a filthy pig in a restroom.

Once upon a time I had a gallery.  I had a beautiful men’s room.  The men who used it were so nasty, so filthy, I could not allow the teenage girls who worked after school to clean it. We locked the door and refused to allow men to have restroom access.

This isn’t, to me, about transgender but the fact that the average man is a filthy pig in a restroom. I am also extremely contemptuous of men, in general right about now.  I’m sick and tired of their patronizing attitudes and being sand-bagged and treated like dirt because I’m a woman and just don’t know as much as they do about real estate and the law.

Do I look that stupid?