The Delicious Ironies of Life


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMRemember all the threats of violence at the Republican National Convention?  We all know those threats came directly from Bernie Sanders’ Bots.  Well, now, he’s telling the DNC that his supporters are going to disrupt the Democratic National Convention for the duration.  It is a thing of ironic beauty, don’t you think?

The media has yet to admit that the problems caused at Trump rallies were because of Bernie Bots.  Of course, none of this matters, just like the latest polls find that 90% of Native Americans don’t have a problem with the Washington Redskins being the Washington Redskins.

The world has their undies in a wad over the Zika virus.  Once upon a time there was no problem spraying to destroy mosquitoes.  Currently, there is no need to spray against them here in most of the US, but they can be killed.  This isn’t rocket science, folks.

I was reading something about a big-time rock group being kicked out of a music festival because on of their lead singers dared to state that there are bad Muslims in the world, who want to kill us. Of course there are and of course those who are evil, do.  That is not an indictment of an entire religion.  It is an indictment of our insane society, which has reached the point of nearly killing us with political correctness.

Donald Trump is right about Bill Clinton.  He did rape several women.  The women were treated like dirt.  Funny thing that, as long as a raped woman fits into a liberal profile she is treated with tremendous sympathy.  But, get raped by a sacred Democratic leader and she’s a lying piece of meat.

I tried, I really did, to like Democrats. My problem is the fact that I truly agree with some of their humanitarian policies of public assistance, human rights, and we do need a single-payer health care system.  But, I just can’t take their self-righteous attitudes.

P. S.  They also don’t have a sense of humor.