Bernie Is Not a Democrat


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMLet’s try this one more time.  If I were a Democrat, I would be livid.  I would be  angry with Bernie Sanders, and the fawning media which is enabling his terribly narcissistic campaign against Hillary Clinton.  Fortunately, I’m not a Democrat and plan to never be one, but I know fairness when I see it.  What Sanders and his backers are doing is not fair.  It’s not really all that ethical, either.  Bernie Sanders is so out of control and so delusional, he said when he is elected POTUS, he is not re-appointing the current head of the DNC.

Guess what?

Bernie Sanders is NOT now nor has he ever been a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist who is an Independent.  He caucuses with the Democrats.  But, he is not a Democrat.  He is not financially supporting the Democratic Party.  In fact, the average Sanders voter is NOT a typical Democrat.  There are some fascinating tales circulating about just who and what they are.  They aren’t Democrats.  They’re more libertarian than anything else, primarily left-over Ron Paul Bots.  In fact, Ron Paul has even said he identifies quite a bit with Sanders.

I saw a recent headline that Sanders is refusing to play nice.  There’s a reason for that.  He’s not a nice person.  His campaign is based on lies, numerous ethics violations, and pandering to a group of young people who have no idea what he is doing.

The media likes to harp on the ‘violence’ within Trump’s campaign and at his rallies.  Guess what?  The violence is being conducted by Bernie Sanders bots who infiltrate Trump’s rallies to make trouble.  Of course the media ignored this fact – until they did what I’ve been predicting, and started making trouble for Hillary Clinton and normal Democrats.  Suddenly, the media is paying attention – to a point.

This is a man who has never been vetted.  He’s never really faced negative campaign ads.  No one is calling him down on what he is doing or saying.  When they do, as in demanding he force his supporters to behave, he gets even nastier, and refuses.  He is being so nasty, he is now calling for his supporters to conduct 4 days of unrest and protest at the Democratic Convention.

Please don’t say this man is nice, nor is he playing fair.  He isn’t. Then again, he is a typical revolutionary Marxist.  They don’t care who they hurt or what they do.  All they care about is achieving their goals, no matter how many lives they destroy, and they usually end up destroying many millions of lives.  Case in point: Venezuela.