Do Haters Now Need Safe Spaces?


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PM“Brother” Dean Sexton is a total and complete jerk.  He is probably also not firing on all thrusters.  During one of his nasty and vicious rants outside an Arizona high school, 19-year-old Tabitha Brubaker, hit him over the head with an aluminum baseball bat.  Most liberals think it is quite funny.

A person has a 1st Amendment right to make a total and complete fool out of him or her self and not be assaulted with a deadly weapon, which a baseball bat is when in the wrong hands. I’m a Christian. I think jerks like this are jerks and they hurt all of us. This said, he has a right to be a jerk, and not be assaulted. Harassed, intimidated, bullied, ridiculed, and turned into a total joke – yes. But, not a potentially brain damaging assault. Let’s face it, his brain isn’t functioning all that well as it is.

All joking aside, this sort of injury can lead to brain damage and Alzheimer’s like conditions. My father had AD. No one should be subjected to such an injury. A blow to the side of the head can be lethal, BTW.

I consider this attempted murder and should be pursued as such. People have a right to spew hate speech and not face being hit in the head by a hopped up little snot who needs to learn self-control. Do we start going around hitting everyone over the head with a baseball bat, just because they say something we don’t like? We all know the fragile little snowflake who can’t handle anything that might upset them have safe spaces. Maybe haters need to have their own safe spaces to protect them from the gentle little snowflakes who can’t tolerate opposition.

At about 17 minutes into this video, you can hear the assault. You can also hear people cheering.

I think the Dean Sexton is a total and complete jerk. He is doing more harm than good, but he did not deserve to be hit the way the Tabitha Brubaker did. She deserves to go to prison for what she did. What is fascinating is that about 20 minutes into the video, a group of kids from the school, who are Christians, offered to help Sexton.  One liberal columnist put it this way, as he defended the violence.  She has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two marijuana charges.

“…Apparently, a young woman, nineteen year-old Tabitha Brubaker, had a mental sign of her own that informed her the hateful preacher “deserved to be hit up against the head with a baseball bat” for continuously spewing hate speech at students and gays. So she dutifully gave the pathetic preacher what she believed he deserved. Now, one typically does not condone violence for any reason, any more than one condones or tolerates hate speech, but in this particular case and under the bigoted circumstances, maybe the head adjustment with a baseball bat was warranted. Unfortunately for Ms. Brubaker, law enforcement and the criminal justice system doesn’t see it that way.

Police arrested and charged Ms. Brubaker with felony assault and marijuana possession after she did what she believed would stop the hate speech; giving the preacher a “head adjustment” with what sounds like an aluminum baseball bat. As an aside, it is noteworthy that there is no relationship between reefer and the assault. If anything, a little reefer likely caused the young woman to keep the skull blow to a minimum of one…”

The First Amendment allows for people to be jerks, and say things that are hateful.  It does not allow them to be hit in the head by a metal bat, no matter how nasty they are.  That’s the problem with the little snowflakes of our society.  They don’t quite understand that you don’t go around hitting people in the head because they are miserable jerks.

Sexton is wrong.  As Christians we are told not to cause others to stray.  In many ways he is responsible for what the little snowflake did, yet he isn’t.  She should have had enough control not to hit him.  If she hit him for this then she is a violent person.  Let’s be brutally honest here.  Sexton is a total and complete jerk.  Brubaker could have killed him. Is this how she handles all the issues that bother her?  If so, she will end up in prison.  Something else – she is not a minor.  She’s looking at adult time.

Will Sexton turn the other cheek?