UPDATED: Trump University Lawsuit Is a Crock


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Update at the bottom of the post:

ORIGINAL POST: Donald Trump is the modern day incarnation of P. T. Barnum, who was a politician, Republican, showman, full of bull, and made a fortune – for himself.  He was also a philanthropist, builder, mayor, and believed in the future enough to put his money where his considerable mouth was, to improve the town where he lived. His primary goal in life was enriching his own personal bottom line. He helped to create pop culture.  He invented and legitimized modern theater, including beauty contests. His legacy endures to this day in the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus.

He had “…a general store, a book auctioning trade, real estate speculation, and a statewide lottery network. He became active in local politics and advocated against blue laws promulgated by Calvinists who sought to restrict gambling and travel. Barnum started a weekly paper in 1829, The Herald of Freedom, in Danbury, Connecticut. His editorials against church elders led to libel suits and a prosecution which resulted in imprisonment for two months, but he became a champion of the liberal movement upon his release. In 1834, when lotteries were banned in Connecticut, cutting off his main income, Barnum sold his store and moved to New York City. In 1835 he began his career as a showman…”

According to a recent poll, 30% of voters see Donald Trump as honest, while only 15% see Hillary Clinton as honest, ergo, the Clinton machine is now going to use the Trump University thing as an attempt to show that Trump is dishonest. It’s that simple. The judge in the case, an Obama appointee has released about 450 pages in the suit. Is that all they have? Do you know how many pages major lawsuits have? I know the amount of paperwork generated with a minor criminal case I’m dealing with for a non-profit. Sorry, but 450 or so pages is not all that much.

Did you know the ambulance chasers who are behind the class-action lawsuit against Donald Trump are big-time Democrats who have shelled out nearly three quarters of a million bucks to the Clintons over the years.  (The Daily Mail says the amount is closer to a million.) They also paid Hillary Clinton a cool quarter of a million after she began exploring a POTUS run.

Interestingly, the judge has now ordered files to be resealed.

This is also the lawsuit that did the class-action suit against Enron.   By that time Enron was broke, so they went after the banks like Chase, and big brokerage firms, to get money for the people defrauded.  One should note that firms like this usually keep at least a third of the settlement for themselves.

“…LawNewz.com discovered that when it comes to politics, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, the law firm behind the class action lawsuit, is not exactly neutral either. Our analysis, using data first compiled by The Washington Post, found that Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd paid the Clintons a total of $675,000 in fees for speeches since 2009. Hillary Clinton gave a $225,000 speech at the law firm as recently as September 4, 2014. Bill Clinton also gave a speech for the same fee back in 2013, and another one in 2009 before the firm had been renamed (they used to be called Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP). In fact, of the five law firms that paid for the Clintons to speak over the last few years, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd paid out the most money.

Court records indicate 9 attorneys from Robbins Geller are listed as representing Art Cohen and the other former Trump University students in the class action lawsuit (there are three attorneys from another law firm as well). A review of the case’s docket reveals that the Robbins Geller attorneys have aggressively pursued the lawsuit, pushed for Trump to testify and for the trial to begin before the November 2016 election. However, it is also worth noting that the lawsuit was filed in 2013, well before Trump declared he was running for President…”

Trump University Litigation
Trump University Litigation

The book used for the seminars is still available on Amazon.  The verified purchase reviews tell the story, I think.


According to the CS Monitor:

“…In reality, Trump University was a series of real estate workshops in hotel ballrooms in several cities including New York, San Francisco, and Dallas. It promoted free seminars as a chance to follow in Trump’s very own footsteps. The Atlantic reported one which had Trump proclaiming, “In just 90 minutes, my hand-picked instructors will share my techniques, which took my entire career to develop. Then, just copy exactly what I’ve done and get rich.”

Trump University was formed in 2004, when two businessmen proposed to offer distance-learning courses in entre­pre­neur­ship under the Trump brand. Trump gave his blessing, according to court documents, becoming a 93 percent owner of the new enterprise. By 2007, the business had evolved to focus on live real estate seminars. But Trump University was not a university in any legal sense, and beginning in 2005, New York State Education Department officials told the company to change its name because they deemed it misleading. The business became the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative in May 2010, and it stopped operating shortly thereafter, the Washington Post reported…”

It’s like this.  The three day seminar cost about $1500.  Supposedly, there was a mentoring program where people were to shell out about $35,000 to learn how to make money on real estate.  According to what I have read in this litigation, it looks like a grand total of 3, THREE, three, count ’em T – H – R – E -E individuals have filed a class-action suit.

Mother Jones
Mother Jones

I am a great admirer of P. T. Barnum.  If he were alive today, he would be …. Donald Trump.  One of Barnum’s passions was improving the lives of others, as long as he could make a profit from it.  He was a staunch abolitionists, against contraception, and was the first great American showman.  He transformed the scandalous theater into a family-friendly atmosphere, complete with lectures on how to…

The great mistake Donald Trump made was calling the real estate self-help venture in which he was involved a ‘university’.  It was not.  It was part of the self-help industry which is a multi-billion dollar greatest show on earth, no matter what you want, kind of thing.  Self-help ranges from religion, to the arts, to trying to learn about business.  It’s a great job if you can get it, and a quick way to make a buck, if you have the name to advertise and draw in one of those suckers who is born every minute.  What he was doing is no different from Deepak Chopra, or any other other person promoting self-help, no matter what the reason.  In fact, there are even self-help gurus who attempt to help people who are self-help junkies.

People have spent billions of dollars on self-help.  Ever heard of Tony Robbins? Ever heard of the lawsuits against him?  The thing is, Robbins is one of Oprah’s select self-help gurus.  So is Chopra.  The real estate self- help get-rich-quick business is huge.  Interestingly, if you check Amazon, you will find that reviews of Trump’s real estate self-help book, with verified sales, before the POTUS run were almost all complementary.

Let’s do some simple math.  Supposedly, since 2007, Trump University made about $42 million.  The Donald received a 33% piece of the action.  The average seminar cost about $1500.  If you divide that number into the $42 million, that’s about 28,000.  In other words, there were at least twenty thousand people who attended the seminars over the years.

Even if there were a couple hundred plaintiffs on the class action suit, when you compare that to upward of 20,000 people who attended those seminars, this isn’t even a mountain in a molehill.  When you think about the vast number of people who have attended these seminars, not to have someone who is angry and filing a lawsuit would be even more remarkable.  Not having dissatisfied employees would also be a shocker.  The problem here is that we’re not only dealing with the usual dishonest Democrat sources, but the Never-Trump jerks in the GOP.  They’re the ones protesting way too much.

I grew up listening to my father and grandfather discuss real estate.  I could probably teach a seminar on it.  There is one truly nasty alligator in the backyard swimming pool.  The real estate market died in the summer of 2008.  Contrary to popular opinion, it has not fully recovered.  There are pockets which have, but not that many.  Those who put their life savings into real estate have taken a bath.  I’ve spent the past 5 years trying to sell 21 acres in South Carolina and a ranch my father purchased here in New Mexico.  Anyone who attended one of those real estate seminars and thought they were going to make a fortune flipping property are fools.  Frankly, they deserve what they get.  Real estate investment is now a brutal business, basically destroyed by the Obama Administration.  Maybe people should quit blaming Donald Trump and start blaming Barack Obama.

UPDATE:  We now know one of the reasons the press is damning Donald Trump over a few complaints.  It seems that Bill Clinton had been involved with a for-profit university, earning millions from them.


Unfortunately, this is from Breitbart, but it has links to viable news sources.  I’m discovering that Breitbart has improved its game a little, and is not as irresponsible as it once was.  If they keep up their improvements, they are going to be a half-way decent news source.