PART II: “All Whites Are Racist”


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The History Channel is running some show about the Punic Wars. (For the historically ignorant, Google it, I don’t pander to ignorance.) Hannibal is being portrayed as Black. That’s nice, but it is also probably inaccurate. A member of the Carthagenian Barca family, their ancestry was Phoenician. The latest DNA studies on Phoneticians from Carthage show them to have European DNA. The photo on the right is a forensic recreation of how someone with Hannibal’s ancestry may have appeared. Political correctness states that, because Carthage is in Africa, Hannibal had to have been Black.

Unfortunately, we are dealing only with political correctness, the same way political correctness states that the Ancient Egyptians were Black, when we’re even now discovering more than a few of them were blond, the same way Sarah, of Abraham & Sarah was blond. When an ancient is described as ‘fair’, that’s their term for being blond. Hannibal had a brother-in-law who was Nubian, which is a term for Black African. He had another brother-in-law who was known as ‘the fair’. What does that tell us? Absolutely nothing.

This is the dirty truth of ancient DNA. One reason there is a dirty little truth in it is because those of us with this ancestry share quite a bit of our ancient DNA with the ancient Semitic peoples (the Jews). Contrary to popular opinion and the damnation of bullying liberals, the worst antisemitism is occurring in population which are heavily influenced by newly arrived Muslims, who have been taught to hate Jews.

“…In population genetics the question has been debated whether the modern Turkish population is significantly related to other, mainly Central Asian, Turkic peoples, or whether they are rather derived from the indigenous largely Indo-European and Semitic speaking populations of Anatolia which were, with the exception of Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Jews and Kurds, culturally assimilated during the late Middle Ages. The contribution of the Central Asian genetics to the modern Turkish people has been debated and become the subject of several studies. As a result, several studies have concluded that the historical (pre-Islamic) and indigenous Anatolian groups are the primary source of the present-day Turkish population, in addition to neighboring peoples, such as Balkan peoples (such as Phrygians and Macedonian Greeks), and Central Asian Turkic people, from the Turkic homelands in modern Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kirghizstan.

The Pre-Islamic and Pre-Turkic speaking population of Anatolia consisted of, at different periods, a vast patchwork of Caucasoid peoples, including Language Isolate speakers such as Hurrians, Hattians and Urartians among others, who were eventually absorbed by Indo-European populations, the most prominent being Greeks, Kaskians, Persians, Luwians, Hittites, Mitanni, Phrygians, Lydians, Cimmerians, Scythians, Medes, Lycians, Cilicians, Armenians, Celts and Kurds. Semitic speaking peoples such as Assyrians, Amorites, Eblaites, Phoenicians, Arameans and Jews also maintained a longstanding presence across southern Anatolia, and to a lesser degree, Kartvelian (Georgian) and Northwest Caucasian speaking peoples in the north east…”

This has nothing to do with the spat of attacks on Donald Trump other than to highlight how far politically correct reverse racism has gone. While I’m on the subject, the ignorant among us needs to note that the ancients did not speak with a British accent.

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In Hillary Clinton’s world, Donald Trump is a Nazi because of his German ancestry. I guess I am too, considering my great-great-grandfather Froehlich was born in German. He gained his citizenship fighting for the Union during the Civil War. Family legend says Lincoln was there at the naturalization ceremony.

If Donald Trump were a poor black male, and he stated that the rich, conservative, white judge was biased, the world would agree with him. Because he is a wealthy, white, conservative, Republican male he no longer has that right. Apparently, there is a segment of the population which thinks white males need to be defeated, basically to teach them a lesson as to how hard black males have it in this crazy mixed up world of ours. Because of Trump’s position in life, he has no right to even suggest that someone might be biased against him, whether that bias is real or not. Evidently, in today’s world, only certain select groups have a right to even mention bias. Former AG Alberto Gonzales wrote:

“…Finally, some have said that Trump’s criticism of the judge reflects on his qualifications to be president. If the criticism is solely based on Curiel’s race, that is something voters will take into account in deciding whether he is fit to be president. If, however, Trump is acting from a sincere motivation to protect his constitutional right to a fair trial, his willingness to exercise his rights as an American citizen and raising the issue even in the face of severe criticism is surely also something for voters to consider…”

Everyone is biased. To say that someone is not is not only a pure canard but it is intellectually dishonest. We all are. Bias is part of the reality of our lives. No matter what people say, so is racism. So is bigotry. I would much rather deal with an intellectually honest racist, than a bigot. There is hope for someone who is a racist. There is no hope for a bigot. The problem with bigotry is it comes in all races, nationalities, shapes, and sizes. It is part of all religions, lack of religions, and educational levels. Some of the worst bigots I’ve ever encountered are well-educated liberals. I don’t mind admitting the nastiest racists I’ve ever encountered were black. And – I grew up in the South, during the early years of Civil Rights.

The very worst bigots, worst racist I’ve ever encountered – anywhere were what we called low-life white trash, in the south. Their hatred against people of color was due to the fact that they couldn’t tolerate the fact that someone who was not white was a higher wrung on the social ladder than they were. BTW, they were your KKK members, and still are. They were the white supremacists and haters. They still are. Funny thing about the South, we had no problem socializing with someone of color. We wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near white trash.

Where I grew up in South Carolina it was a measure of a person’s character, not their race that mattered. Oh, there were numerous and vile bigots. My mother refused to even allow them on our property. Unfortunately, today, things have changed, thanks to the internet. Any jerk with internet access can become self-important, no matter who they are.

The problem with racism, today, is that it is being used by the Democrats as a political wedge. It is the only way they can maintain power and get Hillary Clinton elected. We are also dealing with a generation of little snowflakes who have been completely brainwashed by sensitivity training. Anyone who even looks at them is a racist.

The problem is defining racism down to the point where it is nothing.