There Is Nothing Wrong With Protecting National Interest


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMThe needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.

We are being told that anyone who thinks it is important to put our national interest first is some sort of bigoted, racist, poorly educated, lower class, white, Christian jerk who lacks the proper nuances to navigate our brave new world.  Self-preservation is instinctive.  Even the most simple, single-cell organisms have a sense of self-preservation, to the point where the instinct is almost universal for all living entities.  We all have a need to protect ourselves.  Not doing so is a sign that there is something wrong with a person.  Not wanting to secure the national common good is not normal.  If we do not take care of our country and protect it, then we are violating our own sense of self preservation.

If we do not protect and seek to preserve our national status quo within the world, our future is threatened.  That is neither rational nor normal, yet, according to liberals those of us who wish to preserve what we have, and put our own national interest ahead of others are defective, at best.  We are told that we are basically monsters.  To make it worse, if we oppose refugees from nations where terror is rampant, there is something wrong with us.  Ergo, Donald Trump is a racist.

“…Likely Republican nominee Donald Trump has called for a halt to immigration from Muslim lands, which has been falsely portrayed as “racism.”

He has made clear he would only keep a ban in effect until we find out just who we’re letting into our country. Remember, by our government’s own startling admission, we don’t know if the recent refugee stream from North Africa and the Middle East contains dozens of Islamic State or al-Qaida operatives. So why wouldn’t we halt the flow until we can better tell who’s coming into our country?

Aha, the left says, but Omar Mateen is a native-born American, born in New York. How do you keep him out? Well, you can’t. But his father — an Afghani who has delivered pro-Taliban propaganda on U.S. cable television — clearly should never have been allowed in. Radical mosques that inculcate hate into young, impressionable minds should be investigated, at a minimum. Those that continue to abet terrorism overseas in the name of Islam should be closed.

In April, an imam speaking at an Orlando mosque said that killing gays under Islamic law would be done “out of compassion.”…”

I agree with his Monday afternoon speech.  He said things I’ve said and been writing about for years.  We are dealing with a POTUS and an Administration that is out of control to the point where they are just plain weird when it comes to Islamic terror.  The left is so arrogant and thinks that everyone else is so simplistic that just calling Islamic terror what it is, will cause them to commit bad things.  If we are nice, don’t call them terrorists, and pander to them, they won’t  hurt us.

There is something wrong with the way Obama is approaching terror.  Donald Trump is just saying what I’m hearing he most rational individuals now utter:  Obama is acting like he is some sort of Muslim, and won’t upset him.

He isn’t.  He is not a Muslim, but he is a total and complete fake.  The reason he’s acting the way he is acting is quite simple.  We aren’t to examine his dealings with the Middle East, and his abject failure in Syria.  He also can’t do much about discussing terror when he is arming al Qaeda terrorists to fight ISIS in Syria.  The liberal world of the US and the EU had determined that they are going to pander to Turkey, declare Russia the enemy, and turn a blind eye to the barbarians of Islam.  Anyone who dared criticize the policy is to be destroyed.