Has Obama Blown It?


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMBarack Obama has a problem with Islam.  The problem is not that he is Muslim.  He isn’t.  The problem is the fact that he has built his legacy on his foreign policy.  That legacy includes the disaster that is Libya, and now Syria.  He has no problem using al Qaeda to fight ISIS.  His foreign policy is based on the fact that Vladimir Putin is the real monster, not Islamic terror.

One of the other problems that Barack Obama is apparently quite petty and vindictive when crossed.  Donald Trump crossed him.  He is now going to carpet bomb Donald Trump, even if it destroys his legacy and any possibility Hillary Clinton has in winning.

His Monday attack on Trump was deplorable.  He harmed his legacy.  He hurt himself.  In order to legitimize himself, he has lashed out at someone who has held him accountable. If word had not begun trickling out from Homeland Security that politically correct nomenclature must now be used when discussing Islamic terror maybe Obama could get a pass.

Instead of making life easier for liberal and moderate Muslims in this country, they pander to the hard-line extremists, who seek to destroy our way of life. These are the very men who have no problem executing a man who is gay, in numerous creative and horrific ways.  These are the men who treat women like dirt.  Yet, the good liberals of the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party piddle all over themselves in order to please men who want to destroy us.

Obama is acting almost like a spoiled child who has been busted lying about eating all the cookies before dinner. He and his ilk constantly tell us that just calling the terrorists terrorists is enough to enrage them into killing more innocent people.  If this is the case, then the Roosevelt Administration used the wrong tactics during World War II.  It defies logic.  Consequently we are not to mention Islamic Terror.  It might upset the terrorists. He has spent his entire time in office not mentioning Islamic Terror, while making a total fool of himself in Syria.

He has disgraced himself and the office of POTUS this week.  The very act of refusing to call the Governor of Florida, after 49 men and women were slaughtered by Islamic terror, while calling the President of France after two people were killed by terror is disgusting.  Along with his pandering media, they are doing everything possible to cover up the fact that this was Islamic Terror.  They are also trying to cover up the fact that, thanks to a directive from his Administration, people like this murderer were no being investigated the way they should have been.

Instead, Barack Obama has turned this into a bully pulpit for gun control.  He is ignoring the fact that, had the shooter’s wife turned him into the cops, none of this would have happened. No one is bothering to ask how the shooter, when he was young, knew to celebrate on 9/11.  Children learn hate from their parents.  His father is a sympathizer for the Taliban, who constantly discusses his hatred of America.  Had the FBI done a decent background check, they would have found that little tidbit of information.

Why did they ignore the family?

Makes you wonder.

Until we get a grip on what is going on with radical Islam, Donald Trump is right about preventing immigration from countries which spawn terror.  Jimmy Carter did.  Oh, wait, he was a Democrat.