The Anti-Trump Bullies of the Right & the Left


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMI may be white, but I’m not male, and I’m not angry.  At least I wasn’t until the anti-Trump haters on both the right and the left kept telling me what a horrible, uneducated, fascist, unintelligent bigot I am, simply because I am voting for Donald Trump.  It’s getting very old, very fast.

I consider myself an extremely well educated person, with an IQ something like 164.  I took one of those tests about racism and scored as one of the least racist people who has taken the test.  I scored as color-blind.  My interests are art, literature, the humanities, science, history, and opera. I don’t consider those interests the hallmark of the the uneducated.  But, because I am supporting Trump, that is how I’m being treated.  So is anyone else who is supporting him.

There is nothing I enjoy more than a good political argument.  My problem is when a person is castigated, bullied, and treated less than dirt because of their opinion.  The last time I looked, the First Amendment doesn’t just imply but explicitly state that I have a right to my political opinion. So does everyone else.

Our world is so screwed up, when Donald Trump said basically the same thing, he has been damned as a bigot.  When Prince Charles says it, he’s celebrated as the future Defender of the Faith, which is one of the titles his mother has.

UK Express
UK Express

According to liberals if you disagree with them on anything you are a racist.  One of the reasons Trump has struck such a chord with so many people is that they are sick and tired of being called racists and bigots because they disagree with the liberal agenda.  The bitter irony is people who are conservative, the ones called racists, are just as against an agenda of real hate as are those on the left.  The problem is, the Democrats have decided to use the accusation of racism to destroy Republicans.

Anyone with half a brain knows that Elizabeth Warren has turned into a bullying monster.  To think I once supported her makes me angry – with myself.  She did the same thing she is doing to Donald Trump to Scott Brown, destroying him.  She is now being hailed as a hero.

She is a monster.

It is one thing for politicians to go after one another, but when our mainstream culture decides that someone who is voting for Trump needs to be bullied and shamed into changing a vote,something is terribly wrong.  It is tragic.  It hurts our society.  It threatens our freedom.  But, no one wants to stand up for what is right.  They might be bullied for it.

It makes you wonder who the real bigots and fascists are.