How Hillary Plays Dirty


Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.11.05 PMThe Tuesday speech Hillary Clinton gave about Donald Trump and his economic ‘problems’ was such a lie.  Of course the press ate it up with a silver spoon.  She lied, repeatedly.  If Trump had been such a bad business man, why had no one ever complained about how bad he was, until now?  I’ve followed his career since the early 1980s.  No one ever said he was a bad business person – until Hillary.

It is rather ironic, considering Hillary has never created a business, never created a job, and has spent her entire adult life sucking at the government teat.  Interestingly, now that she has defeated Bernie Sanders, she is becoming more and more conservative.  During the primary she sounded like a raging socialist.  Now she sounds like a Republican.  She basically stole his economic ideas, not that the media will mention it.

Hillary Clinton is the ultimate politician.  Donald Trump is the anti-politician.  The media has been so conditioned to follow politicians that they cannot comprehend when someone has not planned their life around being a politician, they don’t live a fake narrative.  They are real.  Trump is real.  For all the criticisms you could throw at him, you cannot say he’s a fake.  What you see is what you get.  With Hillary, you just don’t know.  Is she liberal or conservative?  Which Hillary Clinton will show up today?  What about tomorrow?

When you haven’t been a politician all your life, you don’t do things the way politicians do.  That’s the real problem here.  The media cannot conceptualize the fact that there are people who aren’t life-long politicians. They do things differently.  They act differently.

The media can not comprehend the fact that one of the reasons Donald Trump has survived is because people are hungry for candidates who aren’t professional politicians, but have lived real lives, messy, unedited, unredacted lives without being totally and completely fake, pandering for the camera and for votes.

Maybe Trump doesn’t need the organization another candidate does.  As far as fund-raising, you want small amounts from many, many people, instead of large amounts from a few people the way Hillary has raised funds. Of course, if  you listen to the media, he’s lost.  The  man only has 30 employees.  Hillary has over 800.  When you don’t have a large staff you don’t need as much money.

According to the media, Trump has had a bad four weeks.  Yet, he is basically tied with Hillary.  If he has a good month, she’s in trouble.   Let’s also face the fact that Trump’s worst enemies are the Romney faction of the GOP.