Elizabeth Warren Is a Fake


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I don’t like Elizabeth Warren.  She is a total and complete fake. Once upon a time, I very strongly defended her, and ruined myself, politically, by doing so.  I bought into the entire Cherokee myth, hook, line, and sinker.  In doing so, I destroyed my political credibility, and severed numerous ties, even lost friends over it. Now, I learn she lied about it.  I detest liars.  I would be in an entirely different political position today, had I believed Scott Brown’s side of things.  I did not.  She won, I lost.  I will never make that mistake again.

(With apologies to Mary Lee)

She even plagiarized a recipe or two, which, trust me, is very easy to do.  My personal recipe collection includes things I’ve cut, torn, copied from everywhere, going back to year the original Star Wars premiered.  (Excellent cherry – orange marmalade recipe, BTW, which I clipped from the Atlanta Journal.)  Thing is, if you are going to do this, admit it, up front.  Heck, I’ve created a marinara recipe using a half-dozen recipes I’ve found, online.  I took an idea from one place, and something from another.  And, no, I wouldn’t publish it.  I don’t think there’s any such thing as an original recipe these days.  It doesn’t really matter except for the fact that she claimed it as her own, in a cookbook, while she was running for Senate. It was not even a big deal…

Over the years I have been very positive about Elizabeth Warren.
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The problem with Elizabeth Warren is that she is a user and a destroyer.  She waited until the last minute to endorse Hillary, claiming she did not want to be VP.  Heck, I even, at one time, thought she would be an excellent choice for POTUS.  Boy was I wrong.  If Hillary isn’t careful, Warren’s toxic, search and destroy methods are going to quickly sour.  They are going to backfire.

Scott Brown is now demanding she do a DNA test.  I agree.  Her claim is that she is 1/32nd Cherokee.  When you think about it we’re talking about highly improbable.

“…The issue first came up during the 2012 race, when Warren foes uncovered that she had referred to herself as a minority professor during her stint at Harvard University. She defended her identification by noting that she had always been told she was part Cherokee, but she did not offer proof.  Brown went on to tie Clinton to Warren’s assertion, accusing them both of trying to flout the rules. “So indirectly, Secretary Clinton is considering making someone the vice president who has very serious character flaws when it comes to honesty and credibility in dealing with her heritage,” he said.  “And what did that do? That took away somebody who truly was a Native American and gave that opportunity to somebody who’s not, and that’s just not right. It’s a reverse form a racism, quite frankly.”…”

Genealogy calculations:

  1. Original Cherokee Ancestor – 100% Cherokee
  2. Child – 50% Cherokee
  3. Grandchild – 25% Cherokee
  4. Great-Grandchild – 12.5%
  5. Great-Great-Grandchild – 6.25%
  6. Great-Great-Great-Grandchild – 3.12%
The Atlantic
The Atlantic

Just using my genealogy as an example, using the Dustin family.

  1. 6th Generation – Me – b. (N/A)
  2. 5th Generation – APR – b. 1924
  3. 4th Generation – Gram – b. 1891
  4. 3rd Generation – Alma – b. 1857
  5. 2nd Generation – Amos – b. 1837
  6. 1st Generation – Moses – b. 1804

These are ‘long’ generations.  Thing is, Moses, who would be the 100% person, was born in 1804.  The Trail of Tears, was 1838 or so.  Warren says that her ancestor was Cherokee, and from Oklahoma.  It just doesn’t work.  Oh, it could, but I have some problems.  And, yes, I believed her.  I was that stupid.  The story is rather fascinating.  It also points to a scam in 1902 so that one of her ancestors could get free land.  She used the fraud of her ancestry for personal gain.

But – Donald Trump is bad because he has called her out on this.  Once again, the problem is the fact that Trump has dared to take the fight to the Dems.  They are hammering the GOP, Trump, and his supporters as racist to bully, silence and destroy.  It is deplorable.  But, double standards apply, as usual.  It is perfectly acceptable for Trump to be called a racist, but he dare not call the goodly liberal senator just that.    If Hillary does put her on the ticket, it is not going to be pretty.  But double standards will apply.  They can destroy him, but because Hillary is a delicate woman, Trump dare not do anything that might harm her.

Elizabeth Warren Wiki
Elizabeth Warren Wiki

There is a bottom line here.  Elizabeth Warren is a destroyer.  It’s that plain and simple.  She is going after Donald Trump the way she did Scott Brown.  She destroyed him.  The woman is vicious.