I’m Losing My Home


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.05.54 AMFor more information on the things that have been going on in my life, my financial problems, and why they have occurred, please check my blog.  It all goes back to my father’s battle with Alzheimer’s.  It also goes back to the fact that my sister and I are trying to keep things together after my father’s broker stole close to a million dollars in cash, leaving he and my mother almost destitute.

The HOA where I live, is foreclosing on my condo because I owe $8000 in back fees. I’ve told them the situation, that I will have money coming in within 6 months, but they can’t wait, so they are taking my home from me. I have no rights. I have explained the situation and thought everything was okay . At least that is what I was told last Thursday. But they want their money. I’m losing my home.

I have paid them when I something, but I’m living on about $900 month & out of that comes part of the expenses for my mother’s home along with such extravagances as electricity. I end up with a grand total of $200/month for the animals & I. I don’t think the condo board believes me. When I get a hunting check I pay them what I can.

I’m living on nothing. I can’t even afford to leave the condo more than once a week or so, let alone drive to the post office. I don’t go out. I don’t but anything beyond the necessities. I do nothing extravagant. It’s so bad I can’t afford to do laundry. My hair is falling out due to stress. All I’ve ever tried to do is what’s right.

Right now, I’m too upset to write more.  Yes, I owe them money.  There is a good explanation why I have not paid.  The bottom line is if you honor your parents, care for your father with Alzheimer’s, then try to rebuild your life, you get screwed.  I gave up everything to help my parents.  I have lived on nothing struggling to stay out of debt.  In fact, I owe less than $10,000 debt, and close to $8000 of that are the blasted condo fees.

I’m stupid.  I trusted people at their word.  I thought we were laboring under the understanding that I would pay when we sold a piece of property.  Ultimately, the fault is mine, and I will probably be required to accept the consequences.  There is something very wrong with a process that allows the system to literally steal a person’s home, valued around $120,000 for less than $8000 and sell it out from under them.  In any other situation it would be illegal.  But, this is New Mexico.  I’ve come to learn that in New Mexico people don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell.  In many other states a HOA can put a lien on property, that’s it. When it is sold, they get their money when the owner sells.  Here, they get to sell something for pennies on the dollar.  Yes, it is legal, but it certainly isn’t ethical.  But, as I’ve said, many times, this is New Mexico.  Don’t expect ethics to apply to anything in this state.

Six months from now, I will have the money to pay the fees.  But, that’s six months.  During that time they could squeeze another $100/month out of me in interest.  But, instead, I’m going to lose my home.  I’m starting to collect boxes for packing.  They are accumulating in my carport.  What frustrates me is the fact that I have been so stupid, living here since 1998, that I’ve paid in at least $40,000 in HOA fees.

Yes, I am a total and complete fool.  I suppose I deserve my fate.