The Racist Set-Up Inside the Trump Campaign


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PMAccording to the left and the Never Trump crowd, Donald Trump tweeted a vicious anti -Semitic smear against Hillary on Saturday.   “…A study by the Twitter analytics firm Little Bird in January found that 62% of the accounts that Donald Trump rewteeted had ties to white supremacists…”  You see, according to good little liberals, Donald Trump is a racist because some guy did a study of 2000 of his Twitter followers and about 120 of them followed someone who was a white supremacist.  This prompted me to do the same study.  The truly nasty person mentioned is following about 150 people.  We both follow the Hill and Irish Archaeology.  I guess that makes the Hill racist, right?  I checked the people following him.  Maybe four are following me.  I gather that makes me a racist and a white supremacist, but in this climate, just mentioning brownies can get a little kid harassed by well-armed cops.

If you just look at someone the wrong way – according to them – or upset their safe space, you are condemned as a racist.  It doesn’t matter what kind of a person you are, just the accusation is now enough to destroy reputations.  That’ though, is the intention.  It is also designed to shatter political opposition.  Someone in the liberal establishment must have done some very serious polling, to figure out just how to destroy their political opposition with smears of racism.


One of the nastiest commentaries is from Erick Erickson’s group.  His group was all over the Tweet from the moment it appeared.  Let’s be honest here, the whole thing defies logic.  First, Donald Trump is being followed by nearly 10 million people.  He is following 41 people.  I went through the list of the people he is following.  There is not one person who is not in the media, family, or business.  There are NO supporters on his list, contrary to what we’re being told.  Because he is NOT following anyone other than a specific few, there is NO possible way for him to have seen the offensive Tweet.  Period.  Someone else had to have seen the Tweet and sent it to him, or Tweeted for him.  The comments on Mediaite are most revealing.

In order for this diabolical Tweet to have happened, the way liberals and the Never Trumpers are suggesting, the following scenario is necessary.  My question is who on his staff did this?  This is a set-up, plain and simple.    FYI, the offensive Twitter account has been removed.

  • Trump must be following people he is not following.
  • He must be trolling white supremacist sites, at just the right time for a screen capture.
  • Not only must he be trolling white supremacist sites, but they would be obscure ones, at that.
  • He would then need to spend a few minutes editing the image, so that he could tweet it.
  • Then, he would need to spend time re-editing the image.
  • The image would need to be on either an iPad or computer.
  • Then it would need to be, via the use of a mouse (to make it easier) and uploaded onto the Twitter account.
  • The process would take a little bit of time.

The problem is that Donald Trump is being held responsible for the actions of a very small minority of those following him. The image itself was lifted from an anti-Hillary site. Not only that, but those us us who support him are also being branded as a racist by the media, the Never Trumpers, and Democrats, trying to bully us into either silence or not supporting him.

Back in the late 1970s, the way you destroyed someone was to declare them a Satanist.  Then came the pedophile accusations.  Now, they do it with accusations of racism. It is getting very old, very fast.  Any person who thinks that a man who is running for POTUS, is a CEO, and has a life, would sit down long enough to accomplish something so foolish is a total and complete idiot.  It is not even a viable discussion.  For the media to say that “Trump created” is just as intellectually dishonest.

Racism and bias is a horrible, evil thing.  Accusations of it should never, ever be used to destroy political opposition or people who are not politically correct.  When hollow accusations are made, it detracts from the evil that truly is racism.  Maybe that’s the point?

I know I’m ranting and raving, but I still cannot get over the insane stupidity of the media in a total and complete rejection of all due logic in the situation.