What Rule of Law?


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PMStatistics are that very few blacks kill cops.  The average cop is going to be killed by a white male.  So, why do cops have a tendency to be a little trigger happy when it comes to black males?  Or, when percentages are factored, they’re basically equal opportunity when it comes to point and shoot then ask questions?

This past week two innocent men were gunned down by cops.  Both were black.  The cops were white.  There are marches.  The President has spoken about it.  The Feds will be investigating.  A few weeks ago in Fresno, a 19-year-0ld young white man, who was unarmed, was gunned down by cops.  There has been no media coverage.  The family is trying to get the Feds involved, but so far, no luck.  The story has been ignored by the media.  Evidently only certain lives matter.  The worst of it is that cops can be out of control.  The vast majority of cops are great people, but a handful make them all look bad.

I’ve had a cop terrorize me.  If I had not parked where I did, I suspect I would also be a statistic.  But, I played it calmly and quiet.  I was terrified because we were dealing with my father and Alzheimer’s.  Cops like to shoot men with AD.  I filed a complaint against the guy, who eventually went to prison.  He was raping women, then terrorizing them.  Until we traded cars, when ever I was in the city where he was, he would follow me.

We have a problem in this country with the rule of law.  We have a problem when we have a POTUS who refuses to admit to Islamic terror after people in Orlando were butchered.  He would rather play one minority against a majority in order to keep people angry, so that the Democrats can win elections.  An unarmed white teen is murdered by cops in Fresno and the man says nothing.  And, there is video of the murder,  just like there is video of what happened this week.  Unfortunately, what appears to be a conscious decision by the Obama Administration and Democrats now makes one group of people more worthy than others.

There is a reason.  It is all about keeping Democrats in power and dealing with a nominee who is so flawed and so corrupt, only by playing the dirtiest form of partisan politics can they maintain a grip on power. The problem is that, until we stop looking at this as a race problem, and realize that it is a bad cop problem, nothing is going to change.  And, yes, there is sociology at work.  I’ve been going back on forth on Twitter with a person who mentioned if there wasn’t protest then there is no problem.  I don’t know why people of one race protest and people from another don’t.  If cops had gunned down someone in my family, I’d be the most obnoxious person there is.  Sorry, but I don’t get any of this.

I don’t get why a man with five children to support was forced to sell bootleg CDs outside a convenience store at midnight.  What the heck is wrong with our country?  Everyone is discussing his death, but someone needs to examine how he reached the point in his life where he was murdered by cops. He was unable to make ends meet, and was doing his best to support his children.  What is wrong with our country when a man is gunned down, by cops, just for trying to be a good father?

Part of the problem is that neither party, Democrat or Republican will admit that there are massive pockets of poverty in this country.  Parts of the country, like Baton Rouge, or where I live are little more than a Third World version of the United States. Where I live, try getting a job that is even paying minimum wage?  Businesses have found ways around it. I tried telling someone that, the other day, and was castigated for not being willing to work for less than minimum wage.  Sorry, but that isn’t legal. I suspect Alton Sterling was faced with a similar problem.  Our economy is so bad, people in this country are suffering.  They are willing to put themselves in dangerous situations, like Sterling did, for their children.

Something is wrong here, and it isn’t just racism.  In South Carolina, in the town where I grew up, a teen was gunned down by cops, but nothing was done about it.  They aren’t accountable.  If the top of the Democratic ticket is not being held accountable for her actions, why should anyone else be?

So much for the rule of law, respect for all life, and the understanding that everyone, no matter race, gender, religion, or identity is the same, and we all have the same rights. When a certain class is above the law, there is no rule of law. As far as bad cops, I know someone murdered by one.