Know Your Enemy


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.05.54 AMToday is Shark Appreciation Day.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”   Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Thursday evening, on Anderson Cooper, Hillary Clinton refused to acknowledge the reality of radical Islam as our enemy.  Instead she stated that radical jihad is the enemy.  She repeated the liberal spin  that Islamic refugees are not responsible for terror attacks, accusing Donald Trump of being, as usual, a bigoted racist, anti Islam, and so forth and so on.  Donald Trump went on record as stating we need to declare war on ISIS.  He also wants to seriously vet the refugees coming into the US.  At least he has the better grasp on the enemy.

The problem is, as far as terror attacks are concerned, both here and in Europe, those committing them are natural born Americans or Europeans.  They are children of immigrants.  There is some indication that their parents are radical, but not enough to start making blanket statements.  We need to understand why they are turning on their country of birth and being radicalized.  It is rather remarkable that we have no problem castigating radical Christian churches and cults, but cannot do the same, targeting radical imams and their mosques.

As for refugees, the problem, so far, is not a direct terror connection but their abjectly barbaric ignorance and wilful refusal, their arrogant refusal to adapt to the cultural rules and regulations of their new country. Once upon a time, just refusing to adapt to basic rudiments of civilization would get a person deported.  Instead, their crimes, harassment, and rapes are going either unreported or covered-up by the authorities. In Europe and now in the US, when a crime is committed, gag orders are being placed on the victims and the media. Now, in Germany, a person can go to prison for daring to speak out against the atrocities committed by these barbarians.

At least Donald Trump has the capacity to recognize that the refugees who are coming in from these backwater Islamic countries are little more than illiterate barbarians without the intellectual capacity to adapt to what is acceptable for civilized behavior.  If they are incapable of doing so, they should not be allowed into this country.  There is nothing racist or biased about this.  Until the past few years, if a person could not be loyal to this country, and could not prove they were upright and of moral character, who would obey the laws of this nation, they were not allowed to immigrate.  At times, people like this were not even allowed into the country for vacation, let alone immigrate.

Amazing how much of the ‘racist’ argument is not about racism but a total rejection of basic rules and standards of behavior which have applied to anyone who has wanted to enter this country, for many decades.  Now though, standards and rules are for bigots.  We must allow free cultural expression even when it results in the rape or molestation of children, and the constant harassment of women. We must understand their culture.  When someone like Donald Trump states otherwise, they are racists and bigots.

You cannot defeat your enemy or win a war if you do not know who they are.  Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama and John Kerry refuse to even acknowledge that radical Islam is the problem. It is not just our nation that is at war with it, but the entire civilized war.  Until we have leadership which understands that we are at war against radical Islam, and not radical jihad, more innocent men, women, and children are going to be slaughtered.