The Pledge and Delegates


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.05.54 AMRemember that loyalty pledge the RNC required all GOP POTUS candidates sign?  Remember how candidates like Ted Cruz and John Kasich made a very big deal about the fact that Donald Trump was the one who hesitated in signing it? Would he refuse to support the GOP nominee?  From what I can tell, the only losing GOP candidates who are actively supporting Donald Trump are Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Perry.  Ted Cruz is up to no good, apparently, and John Kasich is being a drama queen.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Also makes you wonder why the media isn’t bringing this up, and why not asking former GOP POTUS candidates why their word is no good?

Four years ago the Romney coronation was disgusting.  It was a pandering and disgusting display of arrogance and the abject contempt Mitt and Ann Romney had for we the little people to the point that I couldn’t stomach voting for him.  I have been an avid watcher of political conventions since 1968 and Nixon’s convention.  When you watch conventions long enough there is a way you can almost profile the delegates.  Republican delegates have a certain corny, mid-America look about them.  They are well-groomed and a happy lot who have a tendency to wear the very worst cliche of their home state.  You can always point out the delegates from Texas, Hawaii, and so forth and so on, until it is almost amusing.

Democrats are a thoroughly diverse group with far more women than men.  The men you do see have this cowering apprentice – mousy, wispy, and over-all they lack in testosterone. Democratic women make up for it with their complete lack of humor.  They take themselves far too seriously.

In 2008 there was a complete juxtaposition. Obama delegates looked more like Republicans.  Republican delegates looked like rejects from Walmart’s Black Friday sale. Romney delegates did not fit the normal profile of what a Republican should be.  They were poorly groomed, wore a lot of t-shirts, and had a tendency to look entirely out of place, like they had never been anywhere.  They were also lower middle class, and extremely religious, way too religious.  There were some very interesting rumors that regular GOP delegates had been pushed out by Romney’s stalwart LDS army.

The convention itself was an insult to normal Republicans.  The music was all canned patriotic and religious.  Without sounding like a total jerk, one expected the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to storm the stage and start belting out a patriotic medley.  When canned religious and patriotic music wasn’t being played, it was non-stop country music.  Evidently the Romney machine was so disconnected from normal America they did not comprehend that not all Republicans could be pacified with truly bad music.

Then came Ann Romney and her adoring speech about how blessed was she among women for being married to Mitt.  She was repulsive, trying to talk down to what she believed to be middle America when she came from a wealthy world of show horses and a house with an elevator for the family truckster.  They were incapable of even identifying with the little people, only pander to them, and tell them how wonderful the perfect Romney family was.

Oh, they were blessed.

Yet, when you look at the Trump family, for all their billions, they are not pandering, not lording it over the little people, with an arrogance born of psychopathic narcissism.  The Romney family lacked basic human feelings.  They had no love or warmth. Instead they were arrogance personified.  It is amazing how different things are this year.

Political conventions are a reflection of he nominee.  If this is still true, I like the reflection I am seeing.  It is extremely patriotic, showcasing a family who truly love one another.  Children learn to love from their parents, BTW.  The Romney sons had no love, only rude arrogance.  We are seeing a respect for cops, and true respect for Bob Dole.  There is a touch of humor, and none of that pandering self-righteous religious, patriotic, and country music. Evidently the nominee does not have the same contempt for the little people.


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