The Russians Aren’t Coming, The Russians Aren’t Coming


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PM“…In the meantime, he will remain a core ally of the United States as he arrests journalists, academics, and political activists…” Jonathan Turley

During the primary season, in one of the debates, John Kasich lost my respect when he was asked to name a Muslim country which is one of our allies.  He named Egypt, which is disintegrating into an Islamic state, then gushed about Turkey and Erdogan and what a wonderful democracy Turkey was. Like most politicians in this country, he is completely out of touch.

One of the main reasons I support Donald Trump is his realistic and refreshing approach to NATO and to Russia.   Anyone who reads beyond the headlines and spends a little time in research should realize that NATO is itching for a hot war with Russia.  The other realities are that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and ISIS are connected.  Vladimir Putin is NOT the enemy. Erdogan of Turkey is.  ISIS is the horrific monster it is today, is directly due to the fact that Barack Obama refused to work with Putin in August of 2014.  It could have been stopped in its infancy.  Tens of thousands of people need not have died.  I suspect, before it’s over, we will discover that Obama has more innocent blood on his hands than any other American President. His petty hatred of Putin has pushed us to the brink of World War III.

On Wednesday, Erdogan suspended the constitution and democracy in Turkey, allegedly for three months.  I suspect, Turkey will never again know freedom, until this potential monster has been deposed.  When a person who has suspended his country’s constitution and begins rounding up judges and educators, he’s going to go all out, to eliminate any intellectual descent to his rule.  The purges have just begun. He has already asked for the death penalty to be reinstated.  Turkey has been a member of NATO for nearly 60 years.  Erdogan is on the brink of pushing Turkey into a despotic, Islamic dictatorship, with their little fingers on OUR nuclear weapons.  At least I’m not the  only one thinking that the failed coup is Erdgan’s version of the Reichstag fire.  Turkey is directly connected to ISIS.

“…My contacts in Turkey tell me that ISIS militants working for AKP are everywhere creating atmosphere of fear, rape and horror so the Turkish seculars would not protest on the streets. Some of the alleged conspirators in the Turkish coup include Gen. Akin Ozturk, the air force commander, and Gen. Adem Huduti, head of Turkey’s Second Army, which is deployed along its borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran. Their commands are key to Turkey’s efforts in the conflict in neighboring Syria, which includes sorties against the Islamic State militant group as well as Kurdish militias on both sides of the border. Its obvious that, Erdogan is not interested in cracking down the ISIS in Syria/Iraq. The Turkish Special Police, JITEM is heavily infiltrated by Islamists loyal to Erdogan. (formerly infiltrated by Gulen) They are the ones who crushed the coup….”

When you deal with an organization where one of the member states is headed by someone who has the possibility of being one of the world’s TOP TEN dictators,  NATO is dying.  It is now a tool to punish Russia and support the very real Neo-Nazis who control the Ukraine.  It is a tool where our funded Al Qaeda terrorists are fighting Turkey’s funded ISIS terrorists in Syria.  It is a farce.

Russia is not the enemy. We are fighting for the same thing, but for some strange reason, Barack Obama had to turn Putin into this 007-style villain, complete with bimbo girl friends.  His strange hatred of all things Russian and all things Putin is what has destroyed his presidency and will ruin his legacy.  In August of 2014, if he had only been willing to work with Putin, ISIS could have been obliterated in a couple of days.  It could have been immediately stopped.  But – he was incapable of making a decision and incapable of working with Putin.  Tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children have been slaughtered.

Christians have been slaughtered by the tens of thousands.  More Christians are being killed for what they believe today, than at any other time in history.  Not even the Pope will step in to help them.  Instead, we must follow this status quo mendacity that we must protect innocent Islamist.  Erdogan is calling the shots, and is basically in a position to control what goes on with NATO.  He is the one who has helped flood Europe with the barbarians who are gradually proving not to be all that innocent.  No one dares stand up to him but Russia.

Russia is not the enemy.  Evidently only Trump has the vision to believe it. With Hillary Clinton comes a continuation of Obama’s failed policy and the distinct possibility of World War III.