Part III: I’m Losing My Home


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PMIt looks like it is going to be official.  I’m going to be losing my home.  I am completely broke, having spent my last hundred dollars paying my mother’s power bill.  It is so frustrating. None of this is necessary, but it is.  I had $2500 last week, but it was my mother’s money and went to pay her property taxes.  Too bad the HOA here won’t honor doing what is right for one’s family, but let’s just put that idea on hold.   I’ve had to set up a Go Fund Me page.

It is so darn frustrating.  I know, I’m repeating myself.  It could be solved so easily. I do think I should be moving down to the house.  There are just so many things I need to do, and in order.

  1. Have yard mowed, use weed-eater, get rid of grass where snakes hide.  Do something about the jungle which has grown up between the highway fence and the storage building.  Mama Mountain Lion likes to hide in it with her babies.  I can’t even begin the moving process until I start moving things around in there.
  2. Get garage door repaired.  Can’t even live in the house with the repairs.  It’s a safety thing. Looks like a new opener/motor will run a little less than $300.
  3. Sort books to go to the Carrizozo library.
  4. Turn on satellite dish.
  5. See if I can get DSL in the valley, if not get satellite DSL.
  6. Move etageres from storage building to porch.
  7. Move hutch to storage building.
  8. Move etageres from kitchen to porch.
  9. Start book moving orgy. (We’re talking 1000 or so books)
  10. Plan & execute 1st garage sale.
  11. Move bed from yellow guest room.  Sell mattress & box springs.
  12. Get my father’s shower re-tiled.
  13. Start gradual moving process.  The idea is to do it slowly.
  14. Find someone to take my pictures off wall.
  15. Remove shelves & runners from my walls.
  16. Redo my mother’s closets
  17. Move my hutch & cabinets to the kitchen.
  18. Start moving furniture.
  19. Move my fridge to her house.
  20. Replace my mother’s older dishwasher with my newer one.
  21. Take light fixtures off my ceilings.
  22. Move the rest of the furniture.
  23. Maybe have another garage sale.
  24. Tranquilize & move 6 cats.
  25. Third garage sale.

With luck they will give me some time to do this.  I really do need a good $5000 to do this.  I can’t even afford gas for my car.   Just making the list gives me tachycardia.