I Detest Women Like Hillary Clinton


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.50.40 PMOn Tuesday, during a discussion at the beauty shop, the women I was visiting with were not at all charitable toward Hillary Clinton.  The reason – she did not achieve her nomination on her own, but did it by sleeping her way to the top.  She cheated.  Unlike those of us who have labored our entire life, without compromising, she is the textbook example of a woman who will do anything, to get ahead.  As women, we were told we were better than men.  Instead Hillary slept her way to the Democratic nomination for President.  She compromised, sold her soul, and is no better than a man, yet, when necessary, she played the woman card, crying crocodile tears of horror over being insulted.

Once upon a time, in my formative years, I fell for the canard that, as a feminist, I was responsible for making it, on my own, without relying on a man to pave the way for me.  We were told that, as modern women, we were to make it on our own, not using the man in our lives for career growth.  Instead, we were to be strong, and achieve our goals by being better than men, and beating them at their own game. We could network, but the victory was sweeter if we did it on our own.  After all, we were stronger than men, simply by the virtue of being woman, and fighting our way up the slippery ladder of illusive success.

A heck of a lot of us played by those rules.  Sure, I took advantage that I was one of the few women doing what I was doing.  I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed being one of the guys, and beating them at their own game.  It was a fantastic feeling.  Then, as I grew older, I began falling behind in life.  Those who were married suddenly were getting ahead, and had a much better life.  I was spinning my wheels, stalled.  By the time I turned forty I was a social nobody.

I believed the lies feminists told.  If you want to achieve something, you do it on your own and not tarnish it by sleeping your way into success. I believed that crap.  I have been honest and honorable.  I’ve not compromised my values or what I believe.  In short, I’m one of life’s losers.

While I was writing this, it dawned on me that Republican women, even Michele ‘Bat Shit’ Bachmann are more feminist and more honorable than many of their Democratic counterparts. I can’t think of a Republican woman who has.  Oh, I’m sure there are plenty out there, but I can’t come up with anyone. When it comes to Democrats, right about now, I’m not very charitable.  They are pure compromise.

Hillary Clinton has never achieved a darn thing on her own, other than marrying the right person. That’s it.  Everything else she has ever done, except for being on a defense team which destroyed a girl who was abused by a vicious pedophile, she’s ridden on her husband’s coattails. Today, she was officially nominated to run for POTUS.  If she had not been married to Bill Clinton she would be a two-bit litigator. I’ve waited my entire life for a woman to be nominated to be POTUS.  I’m still waiting.

When John McCain chose Sarah Palin for VP, she was chosen on her merit.  She wasn’t chosen because of sleeping her way to the top by being married to the right person.  She was chosen because of who she was.  I was thrilled, in tears.  It was a viable choice.  Hillary, on the other hand, is as abjectly corrupt as any man ever was.  Please excuse me if I don’t celebrate.