Insulting to Women


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.25.55 PMAll the liberal media can talk about is how the father of a Muslim solder just ruined Donald Trump on Thursday night. Khizr Khan was powerful.  I honor the memory of his son, Humayun, died a hero’s death, saving his fellow soldiers, in Iraq.  He was one of fourteen Muslim soldiers to give their lives, fighting for this country.  Khizr Kahn has been on record saying it is the duty of moderate Muslims to expose extremists.

Moderate?  His wife, Ghazala taught at a Pakistani college.  The family is very well educated and highly accomplished.  Humayun wanted to be an attorney. They are the American dream.  That is as it should be.  They should be honored and respected for just that.

But – the Democrats have basically insulted the Benghazi families, who were also fighting for their country.  They have been denigrated by the Dems.  But, this isn’t about how Democrats treat our military or cops. This about a ‘moderate’ Muslim and women.

Moderate Muslim women do not go around fully covered the way Ghazala was.  She is not only wearing a head scar, but she is also wearing an outer jacket. The liberal media and the Dems want us to think that the average Muslim woman goes around covered.  Sorry, but she doesn’t.

It only happens in repressive societies where women have no rights, extreme mosques, and with hard-line Muslim males.  Kahizr Khan, no matter what he has said, cannot possibly be moderate.  If so, he would allow his wife to go about like NORMAL American women.

Muslim women all over the world are trying to rebel about being forced to be covered.  Yet, the Democrats allowed a woman who was obviously NOT moderate to be by the side of her husband as he talked about himself.  She was nothing but a silent non-person locked up in extremist costume.  Good liberals who are politically correct, are hurting the role of women in the Muslim world.