How Democrats Win – By Destroying Others


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.42.28 AMI have never seen anything like this election cycle.  If it were ‘fair’, Donald Trump would not be treated like the monster the opposition is trying to create.  I can’t quite understand why a man who managed to spend all those years in the public eye, without being called a racist, and so forth and so on, is now the second coming of Hitler, Caligula, Attila, and the Joker is beyond my comprehension. In order to destroy him, he must be made into this monster, accusing him of every nasty, illegal, corrupt, and reprehensible thing Bill & Hillary Clinton ever did. He is being turned into a rapist.  One liberal source is now even trying to accuse him of being a pedophile.

Bill & Hillary are perfect.  Never mind they appear to leave a path of dead bodies in their wake.  Never mind that Hillary set out to destroy any and all of Bill’s girlfriends, dalliances, and rape victims. None of that matters.  Donald Trump MUST be destroyed and anyone who dares stand up for him, and expose the Clinton Machine for what it is, is going to be smeared to the point where they are ruined.

It’s starting to get old.  It is starting to hurt our country.  Sure, I’m thrilled that we finally have a woman nominated for POTUS.  I’m just sick at my stomach that it is Hillary. She’s no more representative of the normal woman in this country than Kim Kardassian is.

The media has never been dirtier. The Democrats are up to their usual, petty dirty tricks.  It is laughable that they are damning Trump for upsetting an insulting the Khans as ‘Gold Star Families’.  Since when have Democrats ever given a damn about Gold Star Families?  Why isn’t Hillary demanding her supporters stop treating Trump supporters like dirt?

The NYTimes has decided to destroy Trump over a draft deferment. Never mind the fact that Bill Clinton wrote a letter to his draft board, explaining how he loathed the military.  Remember how badly the left treated the memory of Chris Kyle?  His widow, Taya Kyle was treated like dirt by Democrats. Not to worry, thou shalt not make a Democrat look bad.  Thou shalt not get in the way of a Clinton.

It is only going to get worse.