If Hillary Is Winning…


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.05.54 AMIf Hillary is winning, why are the Dems so insane?

Democrats are insane, irrational, and unhinged, nasty, and downright hypocritical to the point where, if you scan headlines as a whole, you can see how bad it is – and – it is bad.  Remember those ‘adorable’ ads Liberals love, of foul mouthed kids, saying crude things about conservative issues?  Well, now liberals consider the word ‘bitch’ to be profanity!  Daring to say anything against Khizr Khan makes a person a white supremacist.

They are now saying that Trump is mentally disturbed with a fixation on nuclear weapons. Barack Obama now says that Trump is unfit to be POTUS.  At the same time, on Monday, there was a discussion about Hillary being a pathological liar.  Ergo, Trump must be turned into a mentally disturbed monster.

The bottom line here?  Evidently there is something in the internals that don’t look good for Hillary.