Hillary’s Numbers


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PMBarack Obama’s approval numbers are at 52%.

Hillary Clinton is presenting herself as his third term.

Her numbers are way up, due to a miserable convention portrayed by the media as the greatest show on earth.

They are also up because the media is ignoring her constant mendacity, and because they are doing everything possible to destroy Donald Trump.

Her numbers are being artificially sustained by the media, and are being linked directly to his.  When Obama’s approval numbers go down, so will hers. It is a dangerous game. If Trump would stop posturing and chest-beating like the true Son of Scotland that he is, he could ruin her.  But, as a true Scot, he must be right.  It is his God-given right to go down in flames to prove he is right because he is half Scot.  (If you are Scottish, you understand. If you are not, you cannot comprehend the mind-set of a true Scot.  My last name is Reidhead.  My father’s ancestors, about a quarter of them hail from Findhorn, Kinloss, Morray, Scotland.  Enough said.)

End of story.