Cheap Shots About Hillary’s Health


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.05.54 AMWe all know there is nothing I love more than a big political battle.  Very few topics are off limits, and just about everything about a candidate is fair game.  Their families are not.  I don’t mind down and dirty.  Bill Clinton is fair game.  Hillary Clinton’s past as Secretary of State is fair game.  Donald Trump’s Foot and Mouth disease is fair game.  What isn’t fair game are cheap shots about a candidates health.

And – there are plenty of cheap shots about Hillary’s health going around that should not be fair game.  The only way for her to overcome the problem, now, IF she were being treated the way Donald Trump is being treated, would be to release her medical records.  But, she’s getting a total pass on things which would ruin other candidates.  The problem with Hillary and her health records is she’s like the little boy who cried wolf.  She’s lied so many times…

We’re dealing with a bunch of cheap shots. Several years ago Hillary had a bout of the flu which was critically bad.  I’ve given her a break on this because I’ve been there and done that.  She fell,  hit her head, and suffered a serious concussion due to the flu.  She consulted a NFL brain specialist.  Frankly, if I’d had that sort of a fall, I’d be doing the same thing. Nothing wrong with that.  What we know is that she’s now taking Warfarin, which is the blood thinner my mother is taking.  If I were to be required to take one, even though it is no longer a ‘vogue’ med to take, it’s far safer than the newer alternatives.  If she had a tendency to clot, she’d better be on this.  Warfarin does not contribute to any sort of degradation of brain function.  My mother has been taking it for ten years.

The photo of the Secret Service helping Hillary up a set of stairs has gone viral.  What they are failing to mention is that the stairs were icy.  Had I been in her place, I’d probably be going up them on hands and knees!  It’s a cheap shot.

Apparently, when Hillary had the flu, it did something to her sense of balance. In 1985 I came down with the flu on February 15, and did not get off it until May 10.  Not only did it seriously damage my already pathetic sense of balance, but it ruined my health. I have never truly recovered and have a tendency toward chronic fatigue.  My sense of balance is so bad, I go down stairs like a little old lady, one at a time, holding on to something for dear life.  There are times I just look at going down a step and nearly lose it.  And, no I don’t have a concussion, seizures, or any other problem other than a lousy sense of balance.

Talk about falling?  I trip over my own feet.  I break things.  I’m still trying to figure out what I did to my left elbow about six weeks ago.  My right knee has a problem with arthritis.  When I’m asleep, I somehow move it, popping it out of joint.  Yes – I can do it in my sleep.

There are tales about Hillery’s drinking.  That’s a different story entirely.  There are rumors about it, then again there are rumors that Trump is insane.  I give both sets of rumors the same credibility.  If Hillary is suffering from the after-effects of a life-changing bout of the flu, that’s not her fault. Apparently, she never had problems with balance and this sort of thing until the flu.  It’s rather like Donald Trump being a bigoted racist and a failure in business.  This did not happen until after he started running for POTUS.  I suspect that is the problem with Hillary’s health.  At least I hope it is.

She appears to be unsteady on her feet.  Once again, when you are a klutz like I am, that sort of thing happens. I would be walking to a podium and trip over a speck of dust.  If I were in a debate and had a break, I would make a bee-line to the little girls’ room!  The woman can stand for the duration of one of those blasted debates.  No one should be required to spend several hours standing like that.  Face it, I’d have kicked my shoes off and just walked around in my bare feet.

Go after her on policy and what she did in the past.  Speculating on her health is a cheap shot.  I do think she’s taking some sort of a steroid.  Her face has that puffiness.  If so, it’s probably Prednisone. That does not disqualify anyone from being POTUS.