The Obsequious Garage Sale


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.28.53 PMI am in the process of combining two households.  It is a pain in the tush.  It wouldn’t be if I were in a location were we had either a viable flea market or a large enough population for a decent garage sale.  We have neither.  Instead, there are several nice FB sites which are great place to sell, if people show up for what they say they want to purchase.  BUT – the local senior citizen ‘professional’ yard sale class are another story.  They rude, insulting, cheap, and nasty.

On Saturday I had a garage sale and no one showed up, but the professional yard sale class. I was in tears after a few hours of dealing with them.  My friend, who was helping me, know them, has known them for years.  They visited with her, and treated me like I was dirt, nothing.  One woman picked up two items I was selling for $1.50.  That was too much for her, so she threw them back in the container when I refused to discount them farther.

It is a commentary on people, the want something for nothing class, who believe, due to their age, they can treat people like dirt.  Contrast that with those who read my FB postings and were looking for a specific item.  They did not argue, haggle, nor be nasty.  They were right to the point, and were the ones who spent the most money.

There is probably a moral to this story.  I detest bargaining.  I find it insulting.  The people who were bargaining were the rudest.  They were also the cheapest, and the most insulting.  I was trying to raise money to pay a $350 property tax bill, which I can not do, now.  All they could think about doing was cheating and insulting me.  What if I were in dire straights?

It is a commentary on human nature.  Obviously, they were the only ones who counted.  They saw me as beneath them, socially and economically.  I probably am, now.  Because they felt I was socially beneath them, they showed exactly the kind of people they were.  I have a cash flow problem.  Apparently, where I live, money is everything.  Nothing else matters.  If you don’t have money you can be treated like abject filth.

Nothing else matters to people like this.  To tell the truth, I always considered them beneath contempt.  When I had my shop in South Carolina, when people like this wanted to bargain over prices, I asked them to leave my store and not return.  The entire experience left me down, exhausted, and disappointed.  Living where I do, I should be accustomed to this sort of thing by now.  If you don’t have money to spend on people, they have no use for you.  I’ve lived here for 18 years.  It really doesn’t matter.  Because the HOA were I live has decided to steal my home from me, evidently I’m no longer a viable person and can be treated badly.

I never thought something like this would happen to me.  I wish it had not, but in many ways, I’m glad it did.  I’ve always tried to people decently.  Just because I dared to put my life on hold while I helped to care for my father who had Alzheimer’s Disease, is no reason for me to lose everything I have in life, but apparently, where I live, that’s fine, because I’m not worthy of being treated decently.

If I’m treated this way, just how badly are those who are truly in need treated.  Sure, I could do things differently, but I’m pig-headed enough to fight back and try to salvage something of my life.  Things can potentially get even worse for me.  At least I can hold my head high.  I am a Christian.  I try doing the right thing.  It is rather daunting to encounter people who claim to be Christians and threat those they consider beneath them like hell.