Stop It – Both Sides


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PMI’m tired of it.  I’m sick and tired of it all, no matter what the side nor party. I refuse to join in the nastiness – to a point. Some of it is just plain absurd.  Hillary Clinton is taking Warfarin, which is a blood thinner. My mother has taken it for years.  I find it fascinating that she is not on the newer blood thinners.  I was listening to Dr. Drew one day, expound on how incompetent her physicians must be, not using the newer versions.  It says how good her physicians are, not prescribing the newer ones.  They can be deadly.  My mother nearly died from taking one of them.

Hillary obviously gets tired.  The dirty little secret about post-menopausal women is we get tired. It is a fact of life.  It doesn’t make a women less competent.  She’s just tired.  It does not disqualify any woman from any job.  Also, she suffers from  hypo-thyroid.  So do I.  Hillary is fortunate that she can take regular meds for it.  I can’t. Hypo-thyroid causes exhaustion, among other things.

Someone was making fun of the fact that she is putting a pillow on the back of a chair when she sits.  So freaking what?  My mother does that.  I know several people who do.  None of this disqualifies her from being POTUS.

According to the NYTimes, Donald Trump is debt for a half billion.  That is not indicative that he is a failure, or a bad business person.  It is called business.  It is called leverage.  It is what at least 90% of business owners I’ve ever known have done.  As long as a person or business can keep up with the payments, it is not a problem.  It frees up operating capital. My father functioned that way until he closed the Mill.  Even when he had a very positive cash flow, he never paid off the debt, but made payments.  Then, when he needed cash, he would just roll the note.

Only an ill educated, abjectly stupid person who knows nothing about business would damn Trump for the practice.  It cost a good million dollars to open the average restaurant from scratch.  You know how a person gets that money – from a loan – and debt.

If we keep this insanity going, or had applied it to yesteryear Abraham Lincoln’s health would preclude him from running.  FDR’s wheelchair would have cost him the nomination.  Harry Truman’s inability to run a business would have eliminated him.  JFK’s health would have kept him from office.  The only men and women qualified for office would be inexperienced nothings who have done nothing, experienced nothing, but planned their life to be POTUS.  In other words – they would be abjectly incompetent.