It’s the Cover-up, Stupid


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.28.53 PMAll Hillary Clinton needed to do was, maybe four years ago, do a ‘my bad’ and let it all hang out, releasing everything.  She should have made a grand confession about her private email server, along with photos, then turn everything over, not only to the State Department, DOJ, and the FBI. The volcano would have erupted, the media would have protected her, and it would now all be over, swept under the welcome mat.

The problem was she just couldn’t do that.  She’s a Clinton.  They are secretive, arrogant, and entitled. They have played this game, for decades, and won. Bill was able to get away with it.  A true psychopath, he was able to charm his way out of Impeachment.  People liked him.  They still do.  Hillary, on the other hand, has redefined the concept of bitch.

She lied about Colin Powell.
She lied on Sixty Minutes.
Chris Wallace caught her in a lie.
She lied about number of email.
And so forth and so on until we all realize he is a pathological liar.  We’ve had a few presidents who were pathological liars.  We’ve had a few who were paranoid.  More than a few have been dishonest.  A few have even been rapists.  As long as they don’t try covering-up their offenses, they don’t get in that much trouble.  But, it’s the cover-up that causes the real problems.

If the election is close, and I think it will be, and Hillary wins, if the GOP keeps both the House and Senate, we’re going to spent the next two, perhaps four years with indictments and special prosecutors.  It isn’t going to end well for Hillary. She will end up being removed from office.

What good does it do to gain the world and lose your soul in the process?