Life in Perspective


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 4.18.10 PMMy cousin, Sarah, died suddenly on Wednesday.  Even though I had not seen her in years, we were ‘close’.  We cared about one another and our families.  Her sudden loss puts life into perspective.  Once all the shouting calms, we are left with our lives.  People come and go.  I lost another friend about a month ago.  I have this Celtic belief that death comes in threes.

Sarah was an educator, with a Ph.D.  she wrote training manuals for teachers, and loved her job.  She was beautiful, vibrant, a good mother, and should still be here.  It was a fluke, sinking into a blood sugar crash while sleeping.  When this happens, and a person goes into a coma, they rarely recover.  We live in fear this will happen to my mother.

She was my oldest female, first cousin, the one we looked up to as all grown up, even when we were kids.  I think she was one of those people who set such an example I could never live up to it.  She was that remarkable.  She knew Christ.

I think we need to start reconnecting to family and those we love we don’t see very often.  My cousin Michael’s wife, Rita posted today on FB that this is the anniversary of her debilitating and near fatal illness.  The Froehlich cousins have reconnected.  I think it is time the Reidheads do the same.