Pledges, Flags, Anthems, and the NFL


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PMWe are dealing with a two-bit professional football player who would probably have been cut from his team in the next week or so, had he not made a total ass of himself, and taken a cynical stand against racism.

It is legal to burn an American flag.

There is no law requiring anyone to say the Pledge of Allegiance.

There is no law demanding anyone stand during the Star Spangled Banner.

There is no law requiring a person to put their hand over their heart when it is played.  The requirement to do so is something fairly new.

There are religions which do not allow their members to exhibit any form of patriotism.

Members of Jehovah’s Witness do not stand for any patriotic moment.

The First Amendment allows for NFL players to make fools of themselves, in a search for relevancy.  They have every right to do so.

Deal with it.

There are no laws preventing this sort of behavior, other than allowing.  The courts have always ruled that the person who wants to opt out has the right to do so.  It’s called Freedom.  If we value freedom of speech and expression we must value the right for stupid NFL players to show just what jerks they are.  They have that right.  The beauty of all of this is that people have a right not to patronize an institution which gives this person a job.

What happens if this jerk is cut?  He then has another opportunity to go around, making a fortune, protesting racism.  I’m quite shocked.  I did not think football players were smart enough for such complex calculations.