Trump In Mexico – Muy Bueno!


DSC00258There are things of which one does not write.  If you live where I do, you dare not utter it, especially if you are a writer.  There are very good reasons, primarily because you will end up dead.  Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists.  I was researching illegal immigration with the help of a writer, who was murdered by the cartels.  It is chilling.  I am literally endangering my life just writing about this.   One of the reasons I have supported Donald Trump is because he grasps the intricacy of what is going on along the border.  He understands there is more too it than illegal immigration.  He comprehends it is also about the flow of drugs, illegal weapons being sent across by the Obama Administration’s Fast and Furious, and what is happening along the border.  Finally, someone does.  Frankly, I don’t think Mexican President Peña Nieto is going to last very long, due to corruption within the country.  He has made fighting the cartels and violence a priority.  I figure he will end up dead.  It is so dangerous, previous president, Felipe Calderón, is now living in the US, and teaching at Harvard.

“…When former President Felipe Calderón of the PAN took office in 2006, he carried out a military-led campaign to tackle Mexico’s drug trafficking organizations. Violence across Mexico spread shortly thereafter, as rival organized crime groups fought for territorial control and with the government. This rise in drug-related murders came alongside a spike of attacks against the press, with drug cartels and corrupt officials wanting to take control the flow of information that reached the news. Organized crime groups traditionally attack traditional print newspapers, either by killing, disappearing, or intimidating their reporters.

With traditional media being too intimidating to reporters, some newspapers in Mexico have self-censored and stopped writing about drug trafficking and organized crime. Others simply limit their coverage to the information found in official government press releases or police reports, while others, however, are forced to write what a drug trafficking organization orders them to publish. Journalists have to be careful when they decide to write about the drug violence in Mexico because little things can incur a reprisal; using simple words like “organized crime” are often just what they need to anger a drug trafficking organization.

Criminal organizations target journalists for various reasons. Among the most common one is to silence the press in the areas they operate in, and especially when the groups are trying to establish their presence in an area. They also kill journalists as retributions for publications that may damage their business. Cartels want the press to be silent because keeping an image that a city is safe can prevent the Mexican government from sending more federal troops to the area. In addition, Mexican media outlets find themselves vulnerable to attacks when they are in an area with two or more organized crime groups. A group might threaten to kill a journalist if there is coverage of them on the media, while another group might do the same if there is not any coverage.

Attacks against the press have continued under the administration of President Enrique Peña Nieto. Violence has compromised the news that reaches the rest of the world. Local journalists are largely responsible for reporting what happens day-to-day in Mexico and the international media relies on them…”

Vincente Fox, former Mexican President, who was forced to resign due to corruption, has done nothing but damn Donald Trump.  After the presser with Nieto, Fox was immediately on CNN trashing Trump.   It is rather amusing, considering the fact that Fox has raised the ire of African American leaders in this country over his racially insensitive, and just plain racist remarks.


Fox is corruptAmong other things, there are allegations that he is beholden to the drug cartels which began coming to power during his administration.  There are also allegations that Calderon at least tolerated the cartels.  The cartel wars began after he came to power.  The jury is still out on Nieto.  What the average person in the US doesn’t understand is the drug wars are like the Mafia wars in the US were, back during Prohibition.  Drug cartels are at war with one another, trying to become the supreme crime family in the country.  Thousands upon thousands of innocent people have died in the process.

This is what those who decry Trump’s desire to build a border wall don’t understand.  They also don’t understand that either a wall or virtual wall exists along much of the border, with the exception of portions of Arizona, including Cochise County, and most of New Mexico.  For many years I was against a border wall.  I still have a problem with one, other than virtual, which is the way to go.  It’s much cheaper.  Unfortunately, because of the drugs being trafficked from Mexico to the US, I have had to change my opinion.  So far, only Trump understands what is truly going on, where I live.  I wrote the following, in February.

“…Once upon a time, the GOP was NOT a party of elites. I am seeing the old beginnings of the Reagan coalition behind Trump supporters. I also remember how Reagan was treated – like dirt. I think, instead of Trump being the problem, the Romney wing elites are in danger of destroying what is left of the party. The white supremacist thing bothers me. But, I’m also seeing the same white supremacist racism within the Sanders campaign, but no one is even talking about that. Never in my life have I seen such race based pandering as with Sanders. If he were a Republican he would be considered the worst of the racists.
And, yes, there are things Trump says that I like.

I live approximately 170 miles from the Mexican border. Twelve years ago I was dead set against a border ‘wall’. Today, I fear it is much needed. And, no it is not a real wall but an electronic one. There are roads near the border that are no longer safe to travel due to the drug trafficking. I go to Tombstone quite a bit. One of my favorite drives, picking up Hwy 80 in New Mexico and driving the back way to Tombstone is now too dangerous to even attempt. It is not about racism. I have been outspoken in my support of people coming in from Mexico an Central America. Trump is right. He is also right about the rape. Something like 90% of all women and girls who are traveling through Mexico to get to the US are raped in Mexico. When I made that discovery, I realized that we must prevent these women from sacrificing everything – to get here. It is a horrible choice. But, it isn’t racist, at least not for me.

We have a mess. Things are so bad along the border, beautiful homes in Cochise County are being sold for far less than what they are worth, because of the illegal border crossings and the criminal element coming in from Mexico. I’ve been house shopping for well over a year, and would love to have one, but it isn’t safe. The reality is something drastic must be done along that border, but no one wants to address it.

No, I’m not looking at it as racial. I’m looking at it as a security issue. There are grim realities here that the GOP does not want to address. If I vote the nominee, and that happens to be Trump, does that make me an ill educated, angry, racist voter? Or, are the punditry and the elites just having a temper tantrum because they no longer control the party?…”

If Donald Trump is elected, I think it is safe to say August 31 was the turning point. At least I hope and pray it is.