Wisdom Teeth and Immigration Reform


DSC00258When I was about thirteen or so, I began getting my wisdom.  As per my life, they were impacted to the point where they were causing serious ear aches.  I think it may be the reason why I have tinnitus so badly on the right side.  I have had this nice little tea kettle whistle since I was maybe sixteen.  Finally, when I was twenty-four or so, I could no longer put it off, and agreed to have surgery to remove them.  I made the mistake of having them done on the left side first, then the right side.  I swear it was the most miserable period of my life.  I am allergic to acetaminophen and opiates.  I did not know it at the time.  I truly loath acetaminophen and the way the medical profession just automatically assumes this deadly medication can be used by everyone.  It took me a month to recover.  Unfortunately, I still get ear aches.  I still have problems with my ears and am starting to experience some hearing loss in my right ear, due to the tinnitus.

Having surgery on one’s wisdom teeth can be a horror.  My best friend, Kay, ended up looking like a chipmunk. It is painful, miserable, and quite often is unnecessary for the more fortunate among us.  But, in the end, no matter how bad it is, if your wisdom teeth are impacted, they must be removed.   And  –  it hurts like heck, for a couple week.  Eventually, though, once it is over and your mouth has healed, you feel much better.

Unfortunately, that is what immigration reform is like – removing impacted wisdom teeth.  It is expensive torture.  But, it is required.  Stopping out of control illegal immigration is like that – expensive, unpleasant, miserable, horrible, and is required.  It must be accomplished, for our own benefit.  Contrary to the liberal brainwashed masses who think that pride of country and the need to protect one’s country is akin to fascism and the vast, 99% of us who have no problems with national pride are racist white supremacist, it isn’t and we aren’t.  When a person spurns a healthy self-interest, it is considered a sign of mental illness.  When a nation shows healthy self-interest it is a sign of bigotry, racism, and fascism.  Those of us who advocate for America First are being denigrated, intimidated, bullied, and harassed into silence by the globalist left.  When one faction is attempting to force another in a nation into silence, the advocates of that faction are the ones with a problem.

Switzerland is refusing migrants  who are on their way to Germany. and shipping those who are in the country back to EU nations which accepted them in the first place.  In this country, if a mom who has had a child killed by an illegal immigrant says something, the left wing media has permission to treat her like dirt.

We need a rational immigration policy that recognizes what the problems in Mexico and Central America actually are.  Trump has come the closest, but no matter.  Instead, the left must scream racism without paying attention to what he is saying.  All that matters is that any idiot can cry racism in a crowded room and get away with it.  Never mind that the immigration policy Trump is using was begun with Bill Clinton.

Unfortunately, when Donald Trump says the same thing Donald Trump says, he isn’t a racist or a fascist.  Trump is. I wonder what the difference is?  I gather it’s the fact that Trump is a Republican.  There are several very real problems here.

  • Upward of 90% of female illegal immigrants will be sexually abused/raped while traveling through Mexico.
  • The movement of drugs over the border is becoming lethal.
  • Barack Obama has deported more illegals than the past few presidents, combined.
  • In Sanctuary Cities requests for criminal deportation are ignored.
  • People are dying to cross the border.
  • Innocent illegals are being used with increasing frequency to mule drugs over the border.

I know it sounds horrid to say that the borders must be ‘closed’ for the good of the women who are trying to get to the US.  If I were them, I would be doing the same thing.  Is being illegal worth rape?

Where I live, it is almost impossible to get a job above minimum wage. Now, in order to deal with illegals, local businesses are paying by the ‘job’.  Here, one motel owner says it takes about 30 minutes to clean a room.  They pay $3.50 a room.  If a person cleans two rooms in an hour, they get $7.00/hour.  The minimum wage is $7.50.  I recently had an argument with someone because I refused to get a job that pays below the minimum wage.  That is one of the effects of illegal immigration.

I’ve always been an advocate for amnesty for some people who are here illegally.  I still am.  But, we need to face vile political realities.  There are over 90 million American citizens who are no longer even looking for work.  We the little people of this country come first.  I know, anyone saying that is a heartless, racist, bigot.  You know something, I no longer care what people think of me.  I know the kind of person I am.  And, yes, I’ve helped people who are in this country illegally, given them food and money.  I would do it again.

No one has the courage to do what is right.  As soon as some liberal starts crying racist, people cave.  After all, the very worst thing a person can be, these days is a racist.   Let’s face it, a root canal is no fun, but it beats the alternative of being in constant agony.