Hillary’s Health, Secrecy, & Conspiracy Theories


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.28.53 PMI am a klutz.  I’m an infamous klutz.  I’ve been known to slip on my socks, and fall down a flight of stairs, braking my leg.  I’ve tripped over the rug under the toilet and broken my left ankle.  My reputation on ice is so bad, if there is a half inch patch of ice a mile away from me, I will slip on it and break something.   Once upon a time, when I was twenty-five, I had a pair of sandals that kept tripping me to the point where, even though I was a grown woman, the moment my father saw me remove them, he threw them in the trash. I mention this because as a klutz, I can understand a reason for Hillary constantly falling – unless she truly is ill.

Yesterday, we discussed Hillary’s health.  A regular PF commentator mentioned that antibiotics could have caused Hillary to pass out the way she did, or at least get woozy.  I should have mentioned it.  I have a terrible time taking them.  I can’t handle anything with penicillin or synthetic penicillin. I usually don’t get woozy, I get hives. I’ve been known to be quite ill with antibiotics, and have done some stupid things while dealing with pneumonia. I suspect we all have.  Typically, we start feeling a little better, then do way too much.  Been there and done that.  It seems to me we’re dealing with a person who doesn’t pay much attention to her health.  I have a mother like that.

I’m going to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt there.  It does explain a heck of a lot.  With my mother, if she doesn’t pay attention to what is wrong, she doesn’t have anything wrong.  She keeps going until she has heart failure, ends up in ICU with pneumonia, or nearly has a stroke due to a blood sugar drop from not eating.   I’ve been there and done that with her.

That’s the problem here.  Hillary Clinton has handlers.  She has an extensive staff who are, or should be catering to everything right now.  I’ve been in politics long enough to know that even in a Congressional campaign, the candidate needs handlers to pick up behind them, force feed them, and just about shoot them in the foot to get them to sit down, shut up, and rest.  It is how the game is played.  The candidate should have someone who knows what they wear, eat, their meds, and basically be almost psychic providing what they need.

This is the World Series of politics.  A candidates every need should be anticipated.  They shouldn’t even worry about what they are wearing.  A dresser should be taking care of that, which brings me to another problem.  Who is dressing the woman?   From what we’ve seen over the years, this does not appear to be her normal style.  It is as though someone is consciously trying to wring every sense of feminism from her.  What she is wearing is deplorable.

If her wardrobe is that bad, then it doesn’t surprise me that her handlers are allowing her to flounder with her health to the point where it has become an issue.  That’s the kind version.  The version being circulated by David Axelrod, no less, is that she is so secretive she’s now hurting herself.  The woman is so secretive, she is almost Nixonian, and we all know how that ended.  Secretive is a form of paranoia.  She may have a heck of a lot to hide, or she’s just plain old arrogant.

If even her devoted followers were to be honest, the woman is running one of the worst campaigns I’ve ever seen.  The only things propping her up are the fact that she the first woman to be nominated for POTUS and Obama’s extremely high approval ratings, which are so high, are they artificially high?  Let’s be honest here, the only thing propping up her campaign is the media, and an unappreciated smear campaign against her opponent.

As for pneumonia, coughing, allergies and sneezing, well excuse me.  It’s approaching fall and I’ve just sneezed seven times in a row.  Make it eight times.   And it is allergies.  Nine times…