Social Injustice


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.28.53 PMSocial justice is a funny thing.  Those who advocate for it are some of the least tolerant individuals I’ve had the misfortune to encounter.  I think that’s why they call themselves warriors for social justice.  A few weeks I was rather rudely unfollowed on Twitter because I told one woman that a Christian, who tries to live by the Sermon on the Mount has no need to advocate for social justice.  Christ took care of it for us.  I think you can imagine the rest.

People into politics are a strange lot are a strange lot.  They talk a big game about social justice, primarily, I think, because they have an inability to forgive things which were not done to them, but to others.  It makes them look better.  It is all about never forgetting the slightest wrong.  A person, especially a conservative, must never be allowed to repent or be forgiven for something they did not do wrong – and vice versa.

It’s called social justice, or rather social injustice.  The moment I hear someone say they are a social justice warrior and advocate for it, I know I’m dealing with an intolerant, biased, bigoted, self-righteous, narcissistic, jerk.  I swear you can’t be an advocate for that sort of social justice and be a Christian.

Social justice warriors are boycotting the state of North Carolina because of their transgender restroom laws.  Consequently, in order to accommodate a relatively small proportion of the population, the city of Charlotte alone will lose over a projected hundred million dollars in tourism business.  When a single city loses that much money, thousands of people lose their jobs.  They are forced to take horrid pay cuts, all for social justice.  Yet, if you mention this to the good social justice warrior, they are irate.

Sorry, but there is no justice in destroying the lives of thousands of individuals for – anyone.  It is cruel and vicious.  Thousands of children will go hungry.  Oh, wait, this bunch doesn’t care about children.  We can tell them that they no-kill animal shelters will be forced to murder dogs and cats.  Then – they respond.  Don’t get me wrong, I would live in a sea of rescued animals if I could afford to do so.  I’m just using a comparison.

It is sad. A young college student who dared wear his Making America Great Again cap is accused of being a racist by intolerant little snowflakes, who report him, demanding either he be expelled of indoctrinated.   Social justice warriors cannot tolerate a differing opinion.  They cannot conceptualize the fact that people who disagree with them have the same rights they do.

But – they do advocate for social justice.

On Sunday, I was attacked on Twitter by a group of trolls.  The bottom line was I can’t possibly be a Christian because I am voting for Donald Trump.  I made the mistake of telling a ‘godly’ progressive that I refused to condemn and say Obama was not a Christian because of his views, especially on abortion.  Christians do not judge, and we do not condemn.  We are to act and react with love.  It was my bad because I dared express my opinion about abortion.

I can’t possibly be a Christian because I’m not doing what they have told me I must do.  Yet, this same bunch delights in telling Christians how evil we are because of things Christians did, hundreds of years ago.  When a person claims to be a Christian, but it unable to forgive, for something as petty as a political opinion, I’m sorry, but I question just what they believe.  When they turn around and tell  you that you are lying about your faith because you don’t believe as they do, well, Houston, we have a problem.

This isn’t rocket science.  There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for everyone.  As Christians we are told that we must do just that.  But, when you claim to be a Christian, and damn other Christians because they don’t believe the same thing you do – for any reason, you are the one with a problem.

Social justice is a good thing, when an injustice isn’t perpetuated on on someone who is an innocent party.  I go back to the tourism industry in Charlotte.  A heck of a lot of people are going to be looking at a diminished life, because of social justice.  The bitter irony is that when dealing with the hospitality industry, some of the very people the are pretending to protect will be the very individuals who will be hurting the most.

Christians are not to see race or gender, age, or financial condition.  We are to look beyond that, to the soul.  I guess what bothers me the most is quite often, the very individuals who claim to be fighting for the rights of others have the most malignant souls, and those who claim not to give a damn are the ones who care the most.

I don’t give a rip who you vote for or support, politically, I do care about how you treat others.  As for transgender and restrooms, well, I can’t for the life of me see why anyone would want to use a man’s restroom.  Men are pigs.  I can understand a gay male wanting to use a woman’s restroom.  I just can’t understand why a woman who identifies as a man would want to go into their restrooms.  Of course that’s not just gender bias.  When I had my shop in SC, I had very nice restrooms.  We finally were forced to lock both of them and say they were not for the public because men trashed my nice men’s room, constantly.  Trudy, who worked for me, was a very blunt woman from Germany.  I think she told more than one man to go around the building because they were so nasty.  But, it is not gender bias.  I had such a terrible time with it, if I ever have another shop, I will not even have restrooms in it.