They Will Know We Are Christians


Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 6.00.52 AM“…And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
Yeah they’ll know we are Christians by our love…”
Peter Scholter


When I was in high school, in youth choir, we did this specific song, They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love, rather frequently. Like anything else in our youth, I never paid much attention to it, other than the lesson that, as a Christian, we’d better be known for our love. I had two examples of this today, strangely. One of them ended badly, leaving me to seriously worry about anyone who claims to be a Christian, yet holds on to their hatred of someone or something, letting it flower, blossom, bloom, then rot.

The second encounter began with a comment on Twitter about baseball. In many ways, baseball is everything that is good in this nation. Considering that W. P. Kinsella, who wrote Shoeless Joe, which was the basis for Field of Dreams, died the other day, maybe it is appropriate. There is something beautiful about baseball. It also is intertwined with my faith. I don’t understand why, but it is.

I began a conversation that started with a comment about baseball, and eventually morphed into a discussion about faith. My mother always says that one of the ways you know if someone truly loves the Lord is their willingness to talk about Him. Our conversation started about genealogy, and then our fathers, and our faith.

The internet is an amazing tool. With only a few exceptions, most of my closest friends have been met online. I feel like I met a new friend today – a friend in Christ. And – the difference between this person compared to the so-called ‘Christian’ I was dealing with, on Twitter, is amazing.

If we know Christians by their love, then the person I was going back and forth with had a serious problem. There wasn’t an ounce of love, only condemnation. Her condemnation against me was due to someone who was trying to associate with someone didn’t know this person from Adam. Because I dared speak out and state that a person is not responsible for those who want to associate with them, even if they refuse the association, I am evil. I’m not sure why, but I’m an evil person who doesn’t practice the right kind of Christianity.


Oh well, the woman is pathetic. So are her little friends. It was so refreshing to meet my new Christian friend, who understands that Christ = Love.

I started thinking about the past few years, and the whining, complaining, bitching, screaming, yelling, and accusations I’ve hurled at the Lord. I accused Him of not loving me. Yes, It was that bad. I’m planning to publish these essays in order. I can’t believe how I’ve changed and how I’ve grown.

It’s about love, and Christ. It is about Salvation and the assurance of eternal life. In that assurance we have been promised that we will see not only our loved ones who have been here, in Christ, but Christ!