Weighty Issues of Morality & Standards


Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.05.54 AMI have spent my entire life been castigated, harassed, insulted, and belittled because I am far from thin.  With a handful of exceptions 99% of the harassment over the years, has come from thin women.  They are cruel, vicious, vindictive, nasty, petty, and will do anything to destroy a woman my size.  It has, over the years, been so bad, I don’t like being around perfect, thin women – you know – the perfect, well exercised, perfectly toned, exquisite creations who govern our world.

Since Helen of Troy, the world has revolved around them, gone to war over them, and brought down entire kingdoms.  They know how powerful they are, and they use their power to destroy.  Very rarely have I ever met a perfect women who was not an internal carbon copy of Medusa.  Do I sound bitter?  No, just resigned to reality.  Reality is that women such as myself, are allowed great latitude in what we can achieve in life, as long as we don’t stand in the way of their manipulations, little affairs, conquests, or ambition.  Men laugh about us all the time.  We are the women they make fun of, calling us ugly, unattractive, and basically worthless. I don’t know about you but I’ve learned how to survive on lowered expectations.  I know I’m not worthy of love, kindness, marriage, or even real friendship.

The only thing I have going for me, besides my IQ of 164, are a set of morals, scruples, and standards.  The lovely thing about being the thin, beauty queen type is you can do what you want.  You can lie, cheat, steal, violate every commandment, and destroy lives.  You are beautiful.  When you cry that a billionaire said you were fat, and called you Miss Piggy, you cry – beautifully, and lie about the story, so convincingly, you become a martyr.  Then there are women like me.  Heck, we consider Miss Piggy a role model.  You compare me to the iconic Miss Piggy, and I would take it as a complement.

Over the years, there are those who have said that feminism is only for ugly women.  There is a difference from the original feminism and what passes as feminism today.  This day and age it is about the solidarity of sisterhood, standing together, against a common enemy.  It is about propping up that sister, even when she violates every standard of decency the average woman in this country claims to embrace.  Because I’m not blessed to be thin, attractive, or even likable, the only things which remain for me to embrace are my values.  I would like to think I am like every other normal woman, but I just don’t know, not anymore.

When you are a woman my size, you learn that most people consider you sub-human.  You really don’t have feelings.  All they see is this monolithic blob of fat, no soul, no heart, and nothing good. Over the years, you learn to hide.  There are places you would like to go and people you would like to meet, but life has taught you that people would rather not be around you, so you learn to stay home and read a good book, or maybe even write one.

This feeling of universal sisterhood has somehow circumvented you.  That’s probably a good thing.  I don’t really like being around women.  I don’t like the way their minds work.  Men are more interesting.  I especially have a problem with certain types of women who use their beauty to destroy.  If they have a good figure and are beautiful, nothing else matters. As ‘sisters’ we are to stand shoulder to shoulder with the sisterhood of women, regardless.

My problem is the fact that I do have standards.  I don’t feel a solidarity for a woman who:

  1. may have tried to help a boyfriend commit murder
  2. was the getaway driver in an alleged murder (& admitted it the other night)
  3. threatened to murder a judge who was going to try the case
  4. used political connections to threaten the judge
  5. allegedly mistress to a drug kingpin
  6. the person who reported her of being the mistress was later shot & killed
  7. broadcast a live sex act on television, while engaged to another man
  8. made graphic pornography  (not the centerfold type)

I guess that’s my problem.  Because of my weight, I can’t afford not to have standards and scruples.  There are people with whom I associate and those with whom I will associate.  A woman who hangs out (allegedly) with drug lords and does graphic porn, is not one of those people. Maybe my problem is I’m just one of those hideous fat women who can’t get a date.

I also don’t feel solidarity, compassion, or an ounce of respect for a woman who

  1. defended a pedophile, trashed the victim, laughed at her, and destroyed her life
  2. did not force her sex-addicted spouse to seek treatment
  3. turned a blind eye to the women he raped
  4. destroyed the lives of his mistresses & the women he raped
  5. cried victim
  6. is cruel, vicious, arrogant, and hides behind her gender
  7. treats decent women like sh*t
  8. destroys anyone who gets in her way
  9. is incapable of doing anything on her own, must use her spouse to achieve status
  10. is hideously racist and pretends otherwise

Politics are strange.  Hillary Clinton is claiming to be running for women, as the first woman to achieve the power she has achieved.  She wants us to believe she is there, for all women.  Yet, she is embracing the wrong kind of woman.  She defended a pedophile, ruined a young girl’s life, and laughed about it.  She methodically destroyed the life of any whom her sexually addicted spouse either embraced or raped.

Yep, she’s in it for women.  I may not be thin. I may be broke, and alone, but I do have my morality, sense of decency, and honor.  It’s not much, but once upon a time it was.  I want to see a woman as POTUS.  The problem is, currently, Hillary Clinton is an abject disaster.  Like Colin Powell said, she ruins anything she touches.  She is an incompetent failure with an excellent PR staff.  I have a very real problem with someone like Hillary Clinton who has no problem elevating someone who is equally evil, to the status of folk heroine, just to destroy the opposition.

Maybe my problem is that, as a woman, I demand something more from women.  I’ve learned, over the years, for us to achieve, those of us who have insisted on doing it by merit and not by sleeping our way to the position the way Hillary Clinton did, must work.  We must work twice as hard as a man, and be twice as good at what we do, simply because we are trying to swim upstream in a man’s world.  Unfortunately, women like Hillary Clinton make it twice as difficult.  Plus, if we dare say anything against her, we become the bad ones.  I don’t care about the political party.  If Michelle Obama were the nominee, I’d be celebrating.  I might even vote for her.  The same holds true with Tammy Duckworth. Hillary Clinton is a horror.

When someone must play to the gender issue, and manipulate her way into having feminists and liberal women feel sorry for her, there is something wrong.  Everything should be looked at through the splintered prism of gender bias, micro aggression, and gender based abuse.  Because Hillary is going up against a man,  that person must be evil, simply because she is opposing him.  It is a sad day, anywhere, when people have forfeited their ability to judge character simply because of gender. We learn from past experiences and history.  While in the White House, the first time, as First Lady, Hillary Clinton was hated she was so nasty, cruel, vicious, arrogant, and demanding.  She treated people like dirt.  Why people don’t require her to live up to the same standards as others constantly shocks me.

Maybe being my size is helpful.  We have no illusions about anyone.  Having been treated the way I have been, all my life, I’ve learned that a comment about weight is a comment about weight.  If I turned my back on everyone who ever said anything negative to me, I’d be living alone, on a desert island.  I can choose to be offended, or can choose to prove people wrong about who I am, deep down inside.  I suspect, when you are a person like I am, monstrous and fat, you can’t afford to be like Hillary Clinton.  I must treat people kindly, and try to treat them better than they treat me.  Women like Hillary and her little former Miss Universe friend are the fortunate ones.  They can destroy, and no one cares.

I guess you can tell I don’t really  like women.  I don’t like the fact that they think they should be allowed to get away with things, just because of who they are.  I have standards.  I have no respect and refuse to vote for a woman who defended a pedophile, ruined the life of his victim, then laughed in her face.  I have no respect for a woman who was the mistress of a drug kingpin.  Frankly, I think the two women deserve one another.