Tomato – Tomato


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PMI have a friend who is quite liberal.  She’s basically a good person, other than her liberal tendencies to embrace liberal causes.  She’s a very good person, full of love, kindness, and compassion.  She thinks in terms of compassion. I on the  other hand am cold, hard, and don’t really care about issues dealing with humanity, other than the expansion of humanity into space.  I have a tendency to think that government needs to stop regulating humanity.  I do think that food assistance is better than community based food banks.  No person in this country should be without food or shelter.  Thanks to ‘Obamacare’ no one had decent insurance, anymore.  More and more of us are doing without.

The real difference between us is that I’m a foreign policy and military wonk.  My friend believes in the positive aspects of human nature. She has a tendency to see people as good.  I, on the other hand, have a healthy respect for the fact that people are always going to live down to the lowest common denominator.  When they don’t, I am always shocked.

When it comes to leaders, I think that the POTUS should be more involved in leadership than day by day things.  We were discussing Hillary Clinton on her work with children.  To my friend, that is a great asset.  To me, it doesn’t mean a darn thing.  I’m more interested in someone who knows how the markets work. I want foreign policy, and someone who is not going to go around starting World War III.

We see the world differently.  It doesn’t indicate that I’m right and she is wrong, or she is wrong and I am right.  We just look at things from a different point of view.  We can also argue about it, and remain friends.  It had dawned on me we’ve known each other since 1998.  In other words, we know each other.  I’m sure she’s ready to have me committed and I’m just frustrated, but that’s life.

My mother has a story about her mother.   My mother’s grandfather Froehlich was a die-hard Republican.  Her mother’s father, Thomas Moore, was a yellow-dog Democrat.  They dearly loved one another but did nothing but argue politics.  Nana would get fed up with it and kick them both out of the house, telling them to stay out until they quit arguing.  They would stand up, shake hands, and shake heads as they would go outside, completely annoyed with Nana, for refusing to allow them to argue at the dinner table. Once outside, the argument began anew.  According to my mother, this was their habit, every Sunday, since around 1924!  My mother swears up and down that her grandfather Moore voted for Nixon in  1960.  Her father said that he couldn’t stand Nixon and told him he’d voted for Kennedy.  So – another political argument would began.

It’s the same thing here.