Taxes, Idiots & Hillary’s Manipulation


screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-11-28-35-pmOne of the things that bothers me the most about the hysteria over Donald Trump’s leaked tax returns (allegedly) is the ignorance of the average Democratic voter and the manipulation of their media overlords on behalf on the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.  They are abjectly ignorant about how business works, and how taxes work.  Even worse, while I have complained many times about the worship of the founding fathers by the right, at least they understand how things work and why this country was founded.  Unfortunately, the ignorant wretches on the left, don’t quite grasp freedom and taxes.  They spout taxation without representation, but don’t understand the rebellion was over paying taxes, period.

The Brits were in serious financial trouble.  Everything in Great Britain from flour to glass windows was taxed.  Here, we were expected to pay a tax on a few items.  Back across the pond, people were furious because we were paying so few taxes, compared to what they were paying.  They began demanding the colonists pay their fair share.  That’s the whole scam in a nut-shell.

They were protesting the very idea of taxes.  They protested to the point of starting a war.  They established a new nation based on as few taxes as possible.  The country, itself, did not begin over-reaching taxes until much later.  They have become so ingrained in our way of life, and Democrats have presented the issue as so patriotic, the brainwashed masses think paying taxes are patriotic.

Evidently, Democrats and their flunkies are either so stupid, ill informed, or intellectually dishonest that they do not realize even if someone like Donald Trump paid no Federal income tax, he still would have paid:

  • Close to 9% New York state income tax
  • Close to 9% New Jersey state income tax
  • Property taxes in Florida
  • Property taxes in New York
  • Property taxes in New Jersey
  • Property taxes in Manhattan
  • Property taxes in Palm Beach
  • Property taxes in Atlantic City
  • Property taxes in any state where he had a physical business or owned property.
  • He would have paid gas taxes
  • He would have paid excise taxes
  • He would have paid sales taxes

That is not – paying no taxes.  But, that doesn’t stop Hillary Clinton from now calling him unpatriotic because he did not pay taxes to help Pell Grants, public assistance, military, and so forth and so on. Never mind that the Clintons have taken advantage of the same tax deductions and loopholes.

When a person is in business, and know they have a loss coming, they wait until they can get the greatest benefit for that loss.  The year that Trump took his loss, a recession was destroying Atlantic City.  I gather trying to keep from hemorrhaging money is not all that patriotic.

What bothers me even more is the Democratic Party – their rank and file – have no iota of reality when it comes to business.