Hillary Flunked Her First Big Decision


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PMThey say the first big decision a Presidential nominee makes is in their choice of VP.  If so, then Donald Trump passed his first test with Mike Pence.  Hillary Clinton, in her choice of Tim Kaine, failed miserably.  Tuesday evening, during the VP debate, it became quite apparent, that Kaine was in over his head.  Usually, we would not worry about the incompetence issue.  Unfortunately, because of Hillary’s precarious health, it is a very serious problem.  Tim Kaine is simply not capable of being POTUS.  Over the years, I’ve complained about various Democrats, but they’ve never fielded a VP choice who was so in over his head.  Joe Biden is highly qualified to assume the Presidency.  So was Dick Cheney, and even Al Gore.  So, in fact, was Sarah Palin.

Unfortunately, Tim Kaine is well out of his element.  He’s a typical party hack.  This isn’t a problem, when you are dealing with a loyal party hack putting that person in a place-holder position.  But, not as VP.  Let’s be brutally honest here.  The Democratic Party is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to young talent.  I never could understand why she picked Kaine, but now I do.  He’s abjectly incompetent.  She couldn’t deal with anyone who might eclipse her.  That’s all well and good, but when one is in as precarious a health situation as is she, it is no laughing matter.

Trust me, I’m familiar with her condition.  I’ve been putting up with it with my mother for eleven years, now.  I’m familiar with her meds.  Once I read the excerpt from Joe Kline’s new book, it all makes sense.  She needs a valve job.  If not, it is going to kill her.  Her blind ambition will not allow for the surgery.  If so, then she would need to sit out the 2016 election cycle to recover.  She would rather attempt better living through chemistry instead of doing something to save her life.

One of the interesting things was the rumor that she did not drink water. It did not make sense.  Now it does. One of the things missing from a line up of medications designed to keep her blood thin, her heart regulated, and thyroid functioning is Lasix, or (Furosemide).  It is a powerful diuretic anyone with her heart condition must take or they risk going into congestive heart failure.  This is a constant battle with my mother.  One of the side effects is the retention of water, around the heart.  It is eventually fatal.  In order to prevent legs and ankles from swelling, a person needs to do what they say Hillary is doing – sit down and prop up her legs.

What we are watching here is a woman slowly, but surely killing herself in order to achieve ultimate power.  If she does not receive proper medical attention, she is not going to live long enough to run for re-election if , God forbid, she is elected.  The fact that she is allegedly literally killing herself to become POTUS is enough to make you question her sanity.

If Hillary is literally killing herself to become POTUS, it makes you wonder about a political party that would allow this to continue.  What about her family?  Doesn’t anyone care about this woman?  Are the Democrats so determined to hold on to power that they would risk killing her – or are they hoping for a good riddance?

This was the most profoundly incompetent debate performance I’ve yet to witness. If the media were honest, they would call it as such.  By Friday, we will be told that Kaine won.  The worst of it is stupid Americans, the low information type voter, will believe it.