The Rude Nasties


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.28.53 PMDuring the VP debate, Tim Kaine proved himself to be a total and complete jerk.  He was rude and nasty.  The worst of it is Democrats and Hillary supporters thought he did what he needed to do, because Trump is such a horror.  The problem, though, is he is just reflecting the Clinton Campaign, and reflecting the top of the ticket.  It is no secret that Hillary has a reputation for being a rude, nasty, vicious, cruel, merciless, bully, who only cares about herself.

In the process of doing everything possible to be POTUS, she has corrupted the Democrats.  NOTHING matters to her but winning.  This is the real problem.  When someone wants something bad enough, to compromise everything around them to achieve their goal, you know the very last thing in the world they need is to achieve that goal.  Not only will it destroy them, but it will destroy everything around them.  She is obsessed with it.  She is obsessed with power, to the point where she even thinks she can tell churches what to believe.

You don’t even need to wax poetic on the things she has done, the laws she has broken, the lives she has destroyed, in order to be POTUS.  Why does she want the job so badly?  What are her plans?  Does she think she can subvert the Constitution?  Oh, wait, apparently, she does.

One of the other problems is that the nasty behavior exhibited by Hillary’s supporters is now being evidenced in other locations.  You show me a rude bully on Twitter and we can assume they are supporting Hillary.  For some strange reason they think that no one has a right to an opinion but theirs.  They will do anything to silence the opposition.

What a wonderful legacy Hillary Clinton has created for herself.