Too Frustrating to Succeed


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.50.03 PMIt has nothing to do with politics.  There are, according to scientists, and those who are much wiser than I, approximately 24 hours in a day.  If so, and I have no reason debate the number of hours in a day, on Thursday I spent my noon hour – and it was twenty-six minutes, dealing with Dish Network.  Thursday evening, during my first call, I spent one hour, four minutes, and thirty-two seconds on the phone with Dish Network.  The third call lasted thirty two minutes.  Give or take a few minutes, I spent a grand total of approximately two hours on the phone with Dish Network.

If a day is indeed 24 hours, and I spent two hours on the phone, that is approximately 1/12 of the entire day.  During that time, I once screamed so loud that I upset the cat.  I’ve never been so frustrated with a service call that I actually screamed.  I did, today. I had good reason to scream.  The idiot person from some out-sourced call center refused to allow me to speak to customer service.  I repeatedly asked to do so, for over twenty minutes.

I went from there to a supervisor who transferred me to technical support who had no earthly idea how to access equipment numbers. The person who finally referred me to a supervisor did not know what a satellite dish is.  I kid you not.  She did not know what a satellite did, or how it functioned. I kid you not.  Now, having spent quite a few years as a lobbyist working with NASA, I am well able to explain the functionality of a satellite, dish, and receiver.

Yes, I screamed.

The technical idiot was, well, an idiot.  She needed me to be in front of the receiver to tell her the numbers of the product.  Yes, she did.  I decided not to put up with it and decided to try, one more time.  The person I was talking to hung up on me.  I was finally put through to a senior supervisor.  I ended up spending $150 or so on the latest technology.  At least I’ll be able to record the Met. It will also work with my new smart TV.

I was frustrated. It didn’t help that I’m exhausted.  The moral of the story is that idiots appear to have far more power than they should.