Lewd, Crude, & Socially Unacceptable


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.28.53 PMI grew up in GOP politics.  My ‘first’ campaign was when I was in the fourth grade.  I’ve worked every other POTUS campaign, as a volunteer or in some capacity, the only real exception being the fact that I did not do much for Dole, primarily because of my life situation.  I also have been involved in local GOP politics in South Carolina, for many years, until I moved to New Mexico.  I do not work NM politics because both parties are equally corrupt and reprehensible.  I have no problem supporting Steve Pearce, who is a very good guy, but other than that, forget it.  Back in SC, the rule of thumb was, when you had an entrenched Democrat in Congress, who was in a situation where he could be defeated by a Republican, the thing to do, the Friday before the election was to start saying how your opponent was going to eliminate social security.  It worked every single time.  What happened on Friday, was Hillary Clinton’s version of destroying her opposition via social security.

Two things are going on here.  I would say one of two, but I think there are two.  It must be bad, because this is the kind of dirty trick you wait until the last weekend before the election to pull the way Al Gore tried to use a drunk driving arrest to take out GWB.  It almost worked, too.  On Twitter, someone has suggested to me that she’s trying to influence early voting.

Could be.

First, I think Hillary’s internals with women were starting to crash.  I saw indications of this, earlier today.  You turn your opponent into someone who is a crude male and hope that the politically correct culture will be repulsed.  You stop the bleeding by screaming ‘death to social security’.  It is a pure, tried and true Democrat ploy.  And – it usually works. The people who are going to vote for her are low-information voters who are inclined to vote by emotion, not fact.

Second, apparently the latest Wiki-Leak release, today, contains some lethal information in it.  We are already getting indications of this.  So, you leak something designed to make your opponent into a monster over the weekend, into the Sunday debate, where, she is absolutely positive she’s already won – by ruining him on Friday.  She is trying to bait him into attacking her, on Sunday, during the debate.

Hillary and her politically correct little friends are basically trying to figuratively, and I suspect literally castrate alpha males.  They can’t stand the alpha male.  They hate them.  Through political correctness and brainwashing, they’ve turned the Millennial male into a pathetic little girly-boy who is afraid to leave his safe space.  Funny thing is that the little girly-man only has a vocabulary that consists of the “F” word as well as other crude designations.  Like other liberals, men and women, they use nothing but profanity.  Their music is vile and vulgar.  They live in a world of politically correct super-heroes, who copulate at will.  Their media is pure filth.  But let Donald Trump say something crude and vulgar and their world explodes in a Tweet Storm.

Men are men.  They do and say things men do and say, so do women.  The crudest things I’ve ever heard have been uttered by women, in a beauty shop.  I’ve lived in a men’s world.  I’ve heard them say some disgusting things.  And, no, I don’t like it and do not participate in such crude conversations.  I don’t like being around it, and I refuse to associate with people who use the “F” word in conversation.

My father was a perfect, old school gentlemen.  But, he was also Merchant Marines during World War II.  For nearly 30 years, he and his buddies always had lunch at a truck stop on I-85 about 5 miles past Townville.  His buddies included several millionaires, farmers, working men, business owners, a disbarred attorney, a casino felon who was connected to the big-time mob, and so forth and so on.  They would spend half the afternoon telling horrible stories.  He rarely wanted my mother or I to go with him.

One day, the disbarred attorney, a very good friend, told me why.  He said their stories were so terrible, so crude, so vulgar and trashy that there were not for mixed company.  I worked in his office.  If I went with him, it would cramp his style.  For some strange reason, his truck driver, Pete was not conducive to that behavior.  If Pete was going to lunch, I could go with them.  I would get the censored version of what went on, and it was ruckus, school-boy, almost frat boy, Merchant Marines, insanity.   One of their group was a womanizer who was incredibly crude.  That’s there the tacky stuff came in, and I was told my father would laugh as loud as everyone else.

When it came to making fun of ex-wives….

Don’t anyone tell me what went on with that conversation with Trump was abnormal.  It wasn’t .  It was typical male behavior.  We are living in a world which is closer to nuclear war than ever.  Hillary would just as soon push the button an tell the truth about anything.  She wants a war because her purchasers want it.  She takes money from cultures who do brutal things to women.

Oh well.

Donald Trump must be destroyed, no matter how they do it.

Men will be men.  I don’t mind if they engage in locker room talk, as long as I’m not around, and no one who is innocent can be harmed.  It happens, constantly. I like alpha males, but don’t like crude, predatory men.  Funny thing about that.  Women know when men are up to something. They also know when women are up to something.  Like someone said, it is a mutual dance.  But- men also have a tendency no to do these things when women who are ‘ladies’.  Some do, but I’ve found if a woman acts like a lady, men don’t act like this around them.

One other little thing, hundreds of millions of very trashy romance novels are sold in this country, each year.  The heroes in them have a tendency to use that locker-room talk.  The books are boring, if you ask me, but women gobble them up, constantly.  Look at the popularity of that shades of gray book.

The Romney faction of the GOP is now trying to force Trump off the ticket.  Frank Luntz is going around saying 40% of GOP wants him off the ticket to protect the down ballot.  If this happens, and Trump is neutralized, I will vote for Jill Stein, and refuse to vote for anyone down ballot.  The cowards of the party are worried about down ballot.  I say we give them something to worry about.