What’s the Use?


Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.28.53 PMI don’t mind admitting I’m not feeling all that optimistic, politically.  I’m feeling downright despondent, down in the dumps, and hopeless.  Only an idiot who lives in a vacuum does not know the Dems are doing to do whatever it is, to destroy Donald Trump.  Oh, it’s not really Donald Trump.  It is about destroying any GOP candidate who stands a chance against the Democratic machine.  Republicans are to be taught a lesson.  As long as they cooperate with the Dems, they are allowed tokens of power.  If they step out of line, they are to be destroyed.

Donald Trump has stepped out of line.  He must be destroyed.  The far right is doing its fair share to help destroy him, thank you very much.  But, this isn’t even about him.  This rant is about the people who fall for the lies of the left, hook, line, and sinker, then think those of us who don’t, are the ones with a problem.

There is such a knowing smugness.  They know more than we do, because they are liberal.  Because they are liberal, they know more than we do.  When you ask how, well, they just do.  We’re reading biases sources.  If we knew what they knew, we’d feel the same way.  They never bother to ask if we know what they do.  I guarantee we do.  They demand our sources, then become irate when you tell them to Google it.  That’s my favorite thing to do.

I’m tired of it.  Just because I’m not liberal is not an indicator that I am stupid, ill informed, or bias.  It is my opinion and my world view.  I don’t deserved to be treated as though I know nothing.  When it comes to politics, I probably know more than  you do.