The Trump Generation


screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-6-43-57-pmWhile I was gagging while listening to yet another revelation of allegations of groping, something dawned on me.  Donald Trump is at the beginning of the Baby Boomer Generation.  He came of age during the era of Playboy, James Bond, bachelor pads, swingers, cheesy tiki bars, and and the slut de jour.  I started thinking about men I know of his age.  It is remarkable how many aren’t married, or else they are divorced.  And, they still think they are playboys.  It’s starting to be a little disparate, and never was all that endearing,   Look at Bill Clinton.  They’re basically the same age.

I’m near the end of the Boomer Generation.  We grew up watching those who were older than we were have all the fun.  They were hip, with their clubs, Peter Max explosive art, Mod make-up, love beads, John, Paul, George, Ringo, and an aging but also playboy named Elvis.   That’s who and what they were.

Our lives were boring.  We never did get to have any fun.  We were too young for Woodstock, riots, marches, love-ins, the Summer of Love, or even Free Love.  For the men of the generation who never grew up, they are still holding on to their youth, through their alleged virility.

It wasn’t sexual harassment when they were young.  Heck, they were rich party animals.  It was only when they started getting older that the rules changed. Where once they were cute and charming, and the him, bimbo chicks in their mini-skirts, giggles, and Yardley lipstick played along.  It was a great trip, partying 24/4 from coast to coast. It’s a shame the women of a younger age don’t understand.

There is a reason the early feminists were the way that they were.  Men like this were boring, annoying, and just plain revolting at times.  They, too, have over-played their usefulness.  I always hated it because I was younger and didn’t get to have any of the fun.  I also don’t mind admitting I like men like that, primarily because they were older, I was just a snotty tween, and we looked at them like they were gods.  Now we’re all old.  Men like that have moved past us, looking for women thirty years younger than we are.  Somehow we all grew-up, and the world changed.

It’s too bad playboys are no longer in vogue. They had a great life.  Some great drinks, clubs, fashion, and music came out of the era.  Men who came of age during that time should not have it held against them.  Funny how the feminist of that age is revered, but the aging playboy is considered something revolting.


We need to understand that Donald Trump, like Bill Clinton, are refugees from the Summer of Love.  Hugh Hefner was their role model.

Deal with it.

You want to understand Donald Trump?  Understand the era.